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Veterans retraining in the Wind Energy sector


The US wind energy sector hires veterans at a rate of 72% higher than the national average because the skills, teamwork and dedication they learn when serving their country are perfect for the wind sector. STL has a long track record of training veterans for careers in wind energy. Through schemes such as ELCAS in the UK Saftey Technology are committed to helping veterans find fulfilling careers in the wind sector by equiping them with all the knowledge, skills and understanding to work safely onshore and off.

Head over to the AWEA site for some great stories on ex-servicemen working in wind energy, here.


Lazards levelized cost of energy good news for renewables

Each November we wait with bated breadth for Lazards levelized cost of energy analysis and once again it’s great news for renewables. Both the wind and solar industries are relentlessly driving down cost and improving technology performance, and the technologies are now in a better position to compete than ever before. In many US states wind in this cheapest source of new energy regardless of incentives. In many parts of the country wind is the cheapest energy source, of course it does require you to live somewhere with steady wind!

To read the report head here.


Vinyard wind project

Great news to see Danish-Japanese firm MHI Vestas named the preferred turbine supplier for the 800MW Vineyard Wind project off Massachusetts. We’re proud to have MHI Vestas as a client for our GWO training and the offshore project will rightly be one of the most advanced in the US. Faeturing 84 turbines the Vinyard farm is scheduled to go online in 2021 and will be one of the US’ earliest utility-scale offshore wind projects.

Read more on the story here.


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