We are regularly asked questions about GWO and GWO training courses so we’ve compiled the most common into this handy FAQ. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for get in touch via Contact Us.

What is GWO?

GWO – Global WInd Organisation is an industry body set up by companies in the wind sector to manage a unified safety standard for workers.

What is GWO training?

GWO training courses cover a variety of GWO standards such as working at height safety, technical maintenance, advanced rescue and first aid. GWO training and the certificates issued allow a worker to work with GWO member companies.

Which GWO training courses do STL USA offer?

STL USA offer a range of GWO courses including the Basic Safety Training and refreshers, Basic Technical Training and Advanced Rescue.


How do i book a GWO training course?

You can email, call or fill in one of the forms on this website and we will take you through the process.


What do i need to bring to a GWO training course?

We ask technicians to bring the PPE they have been issued with and suitable workwear. Don’t worry if you don’t have the PPE, we can supply this at no cost.


Does it cover OSHA 10?

GWO is a separate standard to OSHA 10 although they do share common modules.


Who can take GWO Basic Safety Training?



How often do you schedule GWO Basic Safety Training?

We aim to run at least 4 courses per month at centers in Texas and Iowa.


Do you offer the Offshore rescue?

Yes we do at a global level, however in the USA we are in the process of developing a center with a proposed opening in August 2020.


Does your course cover confined spaces?

Yes we can run a course covering confined space.


Is there a grace period for the recertification/refresher?

Currently there is a 60 day grace period for refreshers. This is subject to change.