Texas GWO Training Center

Located in Sweetwater STL USA’s Texas GWO training center is a modern, state of the art training facility. Home to a renowned wind energy programme the center provides; climbing structures, fall-arrest ladders and various facilities for rope access.


GWO basic safety training

Climbing Structures

The climbing facilities include a climbing structure with a usuable height of 25’ with an additional platform within the facility.

Fall Arrest Ladders

The center includes 2 Fall arrest ladders. These can be used for wind energy as well as for telecoms and industrial scenarios.

Evacuation & Rope Access

The Texas facility has a number of rope access points and a dedicated evacuation hatch for training rescue and evacuation scenarios from wind turbines.
GWo first aid

Mobile Training Unit

The mobile training unit allows us to bring the course to you. With a 25’ structure and onboard classroom training scenarios can be created on site.

Locations and Contact

Key locations across the USA.

Our Texas facility in partnership with Texas State Technical College is rightly recognised as the foremost centre in North America.

Training Centre

Texas State Technical College

300 Homer K, Tayler Dr,

Sweetwater TX 79556 USA

Why Train with Safety Technology



Don’t take our word for it. E.on’s training manager said “This is the most impressive and comprehensive site and training programme i have seen”.



We know how dangerous working at height can be, we know workers have families they want to go home to at night.

This is what drives us, it’s that simple.



From product development, to scenario based training Safety Technology has led the development of industry innovations working closely with training and client partners throughout the companies history.



For over 15 years Safety Technology has been training workers at height at centres in the USA, UK and Europe. An early partner at the USA’s largest training facility Safety Technology has led the way in GWO accredited training.

Accreditations & Clients