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Safety Technology USA have been delivering GWO training courses in the USA for the last 3 years. Part of the wider Safety Technology Group, STL USA taps into over 20 years of working at height know how. Safety Technology Group were instrumental in developing GWO training and have a global track record delivering courses to the largest global companies across the world.

Safety Technology: Who We Are

We have a simple mission – to ensure the safety of workers at height. We continue to build our global reputation for excellence, collaboration and innovation within the telecom, utility and renewable sectors.

For over 15 years Safety Technology has worked closely with telecoms, utilities and renewables businesses providing an end to end safety solution. With training centres located in the USA, UK and Europe, Safety Technology has trained thousands of workers at height, accrediting workers to GWO and other locally recognised standards. Safety Technology’s clear mission and simple values ensure an unwavering focus on the safety of everyone we train.  

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Highly Qualified Team

Ben Dickens VP Sales & Marketing

Ben Dickens

VP North America

Ben is responsible for North American operations with a key remit to grow the business across the country. Ben brings a wealth of business knowledge working with companies to achieve growth milestones across a range of sectors.
Bob Dickens Safety Technology USA Chairman

Bob Dickens

Founder, Chairman

An industry visionary, Bob founded Safety Technology. A passionate advocate of safety standards for workers at height he’s most proud of Safety Technology’s record of innovation, collaboration and success.

Ben Williams

Technical Director

Ben has been with Safety Technology for over 12 years and has travelled the world delivering safety training courses to a wide range of technicians experiencing a variety of wind turbines.
Brandon McKelvain

Brandon McKelvain

Lead GWO instructor

Brandon is a GWO qualified training instructors who leads training course delivery at our Texas training center.

Jerry Rodriguez

GWO instructor

Jerry is a Safety Technology USA GWO (Global) instructor, and N.A.T.E. Jerry runs training courses from our Texas training center.

Locations and Contact

Key locations across the USA.

With state of the art training facilities located across the USA Safety Technology offer the most comprehensive suite of GWO training curses. Our Iowa Lake facility in partnership with Iowa Lake community college is rightly recognised as the foremost centre in North America. Call or email us to find out more and book your next training course.

Training Centre

Texas State Technical College

300 Homer K, Tayler Dr,

Sweetwater TX 79556 USA

Training Centre

Iowa Lakes Community College

300 S 18th St, Estherville,

IA 51334 USA


815 Brazos Street,

Ste. 500 Austin, Texas

78701 USA