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gwo training in texas

World class facilities in the heart of wind country

STL USA has made Abilene our home, providing GWO Training in Texas for the last 5 years. Our main training facility in Abilene offers GWO Basic Safety Training, GWO Basic Technical Training, GWO advanced Rescue Training, GWO Control of Hazardous Energies, GWO Lift, NFPA 70E Low and High voltage courses and a complete range of technical training. We have all the bases covered!

replicating real world scenarios

The STL USA team made a conscious decision to build an outdoor training tower. Deciding that the increased height and outdoor conditions provided a far more realistic training environment for technicians. Alongside this sit turbine mockups are housed in sea containers to mimic conditions inside the nacelle and blade. It’s a core aim of STL USA to provide the highest quality training and we believe creating a controlled environment as close to the real thing achieves this.

GWO Training center Abilene, Texas
GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation
technical competence

STL USA works closely with partners such as Htorc and Megger to ensure we have industry-leading facilities for technical training. To further expand on this in 2023 STL USA will be opening a dedicated technical training facility in our home town of Abilene Texas.

GWO Training in Texas
Why stl usa?

Train better, work safer.

Customers choose STL USA because we live by our mantra:

Train better, work safer.

Over the past 8 years we have trained over 2,000 technicians working closely with clients such as RWE, Siemens Gamesa, duke energy, And many more.

Extensive Course Programs

GWO Basic Safety Training
GWO Basic Technical Training
GWO Advanced Rescue


Extensive field experience
1,000s of hours of teaching
Highly qualified trainers

Course Materials

High-quality support materials

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GWO Center Texas

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