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Lift Training

GWO Lift Training

GWO Lift Training

Participants will learn to take responsibility to support and care for themselves and others while operating and working on a lift in the wind industry.

Modules include; user, commissioning and inspection, and commission, inspection, installation and maintenance.

5 Star Reviews

– Great facilities and awesome staff of instructors! Convenient and easy to find location for high-quality wind industry safety training. These folks make it fun and engaging.

– Learned a lot here! Polite and helpful staff. Such a comfortable environment to learn! They have a variety of up to date equipment and all instructors are very knowledgeable in their respective trades. If you need GWO (BST, ART, or BTT), this is the place to go!

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Course Options

Individual modules

Modules can be taken individually as required.

Ask us about adding an accredited 3S Lift user cert

3S Climb Auto System

STL USA can provide both user and trainer certification for 3S Climb Auto System set-ups.

Course Locations