O&M 2024

This year O&M 2024 sees the launch of STL USA’s integrated training and hiring solution, Full Service Training for WInd.

Combining the great training and reputation built by STL USA and the demands of the industry over the next 5-10 years.

Full-service training for Wind is a workforce solution that provides solutions for the biggest problems facing our sector in the coming years. Namely, our ability to hire, train and develop our technician workforce.

Industry certification

STL USA has a full suite of industry certification training, including GWO and Qualified Electrical Worker training to NFPA 70E (2024). These courses form the backbone of a technician’s training program. GWO certs are the default requirement for virtually every field-based worker in wind. Increasingly Qualified Electrical workers are also becoming a must-have cert in the technician’s locker. STL USA runs weekly courses across the full range of industry certifications with a significant capacity to train large numbers of technicians as required.

Popular courses include; GWO Basic Safety Training, GWO Basic Technical Training, and GWO Advanced Rescue Training as well as a host of other GWO courses and Qualified Electrical Worker courses.

View the range of GWO Courses.

Skills and competency

The demand for new hires into wind is increasing exponentially. With this comes the added pressure employers face to turn those new hires into wind technicians. STL USA’s skills and competency training is designed specifically to build and enhance a technicians technical and practical knowledge. 

Courses come in two styles, the Basic Intro packages are of-the-shelf courses that group common modules together for an easy plugin solution. Bespoke wind and foundational skills allow an employer to build out a training program that meets their exact needs by selecting from over 30 training modules to build out their program.

Learn more about Wind Technician Technical Training

WindStart funded training and hiring

The WindStart program is a funded training program designed to bring new people into wind and offer employers and easy route to hiring qualified technicians. The program accesses State and National level funding to keep course fees super low for students and provides employers a funnel of certified techs that would otherwise cost tens of thousands to train.

WindStart completes STL USA’s Full Service Training for Wind solution, aiming to solve probably the biggest challenge faced by the sector in the next 10 years.

WindStart programs run for 3 or 4 weeks, include all the must-have GWO certs, Electrical safety and, in the 4 week program, a week of technical introduction to wind energy.

Learn more about WindStart


Learn more, come speak with us at O&M 2024

At O&M 2024 we will be discussing Full Service Training for Wind and how each component of our offer can support your business in this period of growth.

You can find us at Booth 406, February 21-23, 2024 | Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

O&M 2024


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