1st US provider to launch new BTT Bolt Tightening

STL USA are delighted to announce we are the first North American GWO trainer to offer BTT Bolt Tightening

STL USA has recently been successfully audited to launch the new BTT Bolt Tightening course. This course will sit alongside the traditional BTT course electrical, hydraulic and mechanical to form a new 4-module BTT. Course attendees will also be able to take BTT Bolt alongside BTT Mechanical and Installation for those working in pre-assembly and installation roles. 

The whole team at STL USA is super proud of the work put in by our training staff to develop this course and expand our range of training across the whole of the entry-level framework. It’s now clearer than ever for companies in wind to understand the skills and training their people need which is a great move for the industry.

Working with GWO to launch the course

In the run up to the launch of the BTT Bolt standard STL USA we’re able to work closely with GWO Project Manager who was developing the standard. This was great for both entities as STL USA could provide practical feedback on the application of the standard in training and GWO was able to share the standard standards before launch. It really was a win-win.

Key areas of GWO Bolt Tightening

At course completion attendees will be able to act independently to safely plan, carry out and complete generic bolt torquing and tensioning tasks to
specification using energy-powered equipment. The module covers both how to tighten bolts safely and correctly, and how to plan, document, and review bolt-tightening tasks.

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