Train GWO Lift user and 3S Climb auto system use with STL USA

STL USA has launched another new range of courses. GWO Lift Training (all modules) and 3S Climb Autosystem and Climb assist user training. The STL USA team has also created a combined course for companies looking to gain a GWO certification and qualify their personnel to operate 3S systems.

Both training courses, combined, are available from STL USA’s Abilene, TX headquarters. Additionally these courses will become available onsite from 2024.

As lift systems become ever more popular and the requirements to have GWO certification expand STL USA is well-positioned to help customers achieve these qualifications. 

GWO Lift user training

GWO Lift Training comprises of 3 modules:

User, 1/2 day course

Commissioning and inspection, 1 day course 

Commission, inspection, installation and maintenance, 2 day course

Modules can be taken individually or in combination, 3S certificates can additionally be added to these courses with no significant increase in training time.

3S Climb Auto system user training

The 3S user training allows technicians to safely operate the 3S assisted systems. It’s a requirement that anyone using these systems takes user training. Normally this is delivered at installation and then at maintenance periods throughtout the lifetime. That means however that anyone who misses this training, new hires, visiting contractors for example will be unable to gain this certificate from 3S. That’s why STL USA has partnered with 3S to offer the training course year round.

Training covers:

1. Climb Auto System Simple Operation Guide

2. Explanation of Symbols

3. Pre-Operation Considerations

4. Product Description

5. Product Structure

6. Product Operation

7. Inspection and Maintenance

8. Annual Inspection and Maintenance

9. Spare Parts Ordering

10. Storage

11. Environmental Protection Requirements

12. Emergency Evacuation Instruction

13. Troubleshooting


The combined course

Many of the lesson areas overlap between these two training courses. With that in mind STL USA has created a combined course to cover both. This can be taken by technicians in the same timescale as the GWO courses.


As a dedicated wind technician training company STL USA aims to have course availability every month for all the courses delivered. The easiest way to get more information and to book a course is to speak to a member of the STL USA team, Follow the link below to get started.

Book Lift user training

Click the link and contact a member of the STL USA team for booking and information

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