Low and High voltage electrical safety training and a round-up of OMS

STL USA are delighted to announce the launch of our latest safety course. Our low and high voltage electrical safety training to standard NFPA 70E is a wind-specific, face-to-face training program designed to equip wind technicians with the electrical safety knowledge, best work practices in electrical safety, and how to apply them in real-world situations.

This is a 2-day face-to-face training course designed to meet the needs of the wind industry and has been developed in conjunction with our OEM partners.

You can find out more about electrical safety training to standard NFPA 70E on the course page.

OMS 2023

Once again OMS was a great opportunity to meet friends and colleagues and connect with the wind industry. STL USA was focussed on developing the workforce of the future, our VP Ben Dickens took part in a panel discussion and we talked with many interested parties on how we, as an industry will achieve this. As a training provider, we are not only a big part of this discussion but a key enabler of industry growth. With this in mind, we hope to soon announce our involvement in a number of related ACP workgroups. 

At the show, we were also joined by our colleagues from Cresto Group who showed a range of their market-leading safety ad rescue equipment specific to the US market. 

With the future firmly in our sights STL USA will soon be launching a range of platform specific technical training courses. OMS was a great opportunity to talk with our customers and partners about how these can best serve their needs.

To sum up the show. The venue was great, the Sun was shining in Orlando and the show was well attended. Roll on 2024


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