New GWO Courses

Launching May 2024 new GWO Slinger Signaller and GWO Crane & Hoist courses

GWO Slinger Signaller

Upon successful completion of GWO’s slinger signaller training course, the participant will be able to work within the wind industry conducting slinging techniques and signaling during simple lifting operations, meaning lifts conducted based on a lifting plan or covering known hazards.

Course duration: 1.5 days

Location: Abilene , TX

GWO Crane & Hoist

Crane & Hoist Inspection and Maintenance Module

The aim of the training is to enable the technician to inspect, maintain, and test fixed small cranes and fixed hoists complying with relevant legislation and according to relevant manufacturer’s inspection and maintenance manuals and documents.

Course duration: 1.5 days

Location: Abilene , TX

Crane & Hoist User Module

After having successfully completed this Crane and Hoist Basic User Module, the participants will have the ability to take responsibility as a basic user to safely operate common types of fixed cranes and hoists in WTG environment on basic lifts while following manufactures’ manuals and relevant documentation and legislation.

Course duration: 1.5 days

Location: Abilene , TX

How to book

Either reach out to a member of the STL USA team to book a course or simply fill in our booking form via the button below.

GWO Slinger Signaller & BTT Installation

Throughout the month of May we will be running back-to-back GWO Slinger Signaller and GWO BTT Instalation courses. Talk to a member of the team to find out more.

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