All new GWO courses for 2023

New GWO courses aligned to the GWO entry level framework and ACP entry level training guide

We’re delighted to announce new GWO courses for 2023. But first a little background on their importance.

As many of you know GWO and ACP have been working hard in unison to launch guidance on training and skills expectations for new and existing wind technicians.  From GWO ‘s perspective, this comes in the form of the Entry Level Wind Technician Framework, for ACP it is the Entry Level Wind Technician training guidelines. Crucially the ACP guide includes many of the core GWO courses.

In both cases, the aim is to offer a simplified set of profiles and corresponding skills and accreditations that each should achieve. This gives employers a clear framework to follow with guidance that aims to ensure a comprehensive understanding of entry-level requirements for operations and maintenance wind technicians for onshore and offshore wind facilities.

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New BTT courses – BTT Bolt Tightening, BTT Installation

The May 2023 update to BTT included the addition of a new course, BTT Bolt TIghtening, which sits alongside the existing Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic courses as part of the core BTT training. In addition, STL USA has also added BTT Installation, which is taken with BTT Mechanical for those technicians that focus on pre-assembly and installation projects. Both courses form a core part of the entry-level frameworks for wind technicians and are available from mid-July.

New Control of Hazardous Energies (CoHE) courses

Hazardous energies pose a high risk of injury to all workers working within the wind industry. One of the reasons for this is that hazardous energies are found in various forms within the wind turbine environment and within the environment of a wind farm.

The CoHE course is a core component of the entry-level framework, formed of three modules covering basic safety, electrical safety, and pressure fluid safety. Available in mid-July.

New Lift courses

STL USA is delighted to be adding GWO lift training from our facility, using 3S lift equipment.

Training in accordance with this Lift Standard will enable participants to take responsibility to support and care for themselves and others while operating and working on a lift in the wind industry. This is vitally important as lifts become more and more commonplace in newer turbines. Available mid-July.


Improving standardization

It has been a clear goal of industry bodies to provide a level of standardization across the wind industry to ensure consistency across skills, accreditations, and competence. But above all, it gives employers certainty in the expectations for their staff. STL USA is a major supporter of this drive.

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