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Onsite wind tech training 2024 

Having already conducted over 10 onsite GWO training courses this year it feels kind of weird discussing the summer program. But, the summer months are when STL USA traditionally tours the USA visiting wind farms to deliver GWO and QEW training for our customers.

This year we will be touring the northern Mid-West, North Eastern States, California, Oregon, and Washington state as well as delivering courses closer to home in Texas and the surrounding states.

Save money training onsite

Training onsite is a perfect way to reduce the costs associated with training. Cut down on hotel and travel costs by having your technicians train at their usual workplace.

Technicians like onsite

Training onsite means your crews don’t have to be away from home for extended periods. Once training is finished they can pack up and head home as usual. Training onsite also means your people are onsite if and or when they may be required to jump into something. They can’t do this if they’re halfway across the country.

Practice on the turbine

STL USA takes a custom training trailer for onsite course delivery but this doesn’t mean the turbine is off-limits. In fact STL USA instructors favor an approach whereby rescues are taught using the trailer and practiced in the turbine to ensure the technicians are totally familiar with their working environment and how to implement a rescue on the equipment they use.

Rescue plans

As an extension of turbine practice, the STL USA team can also work closely with the technicians to create a detailed rescue plan, using the skills they’ve learned in the environment they work in. This value added on top of the GWO rescue training ensures an extra layer of safety for those technicians taking part.

Flexibility built-in

We know things happen, and that’s why STL USA builds flexibility for onsite training to ensure attendees complete their course and get their certs. Our onsite GWO training courses, and delivered by highly experienced instructors with years of field experience, they are more than happy to adapt to every situation whether that be the weather, an issue onsite or anything else! 

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