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Whilst it’s something STL USA has been involved in for many years we very rarely talk about the outsource training we deliver on behalf of others in the industry. However, given the focus is squarely on how we scale going into 2024 we thought it was about time we explained a little more about what this service is, why it’s important for our industries growth and how we deliver it.

So what are outsource training solutions?

Simply really. It means STL USA deliver training for other companies in wind on their behalf. Normally it’s as a result of growth and a lack of internal resources to deliver training courses to new customers. That’s where STL USA steps in. With a very broad industry technical knowledge, large scale facilities and highly competent teaching staff STL USA is well positioned to help others scale, offer great customer training and cement customer relationships.

The importance of good training

We all know how fast the sector is growing in the USA and keeping up with this demand is hard enough for suppliers. Factoring in training and education is just another challenge facing companies and one that is often hard to keep up with.

However the importance of good training is a key aspect of customer support, saving time, money, and building better relationships.

What kind of training can STL USA deliver and how does it work?

STL USA have a broad skill set that allows the delivery of a variety of skill, competence and product based training. Whether that’s using a specific tool for a specific task or delivering a product training for a complicated piece of equipment like a boroscope the teams braod technical knowledge and years of field expereince allow them to quickly grasp therequirement, undertsnad learning objectives and perform the training course to high standards.

In practice most of STL USA’s outsource training customers already have training courses they simply don’t have the resources to deliver all of their training requirements. That’s when they look to STL USA to give them scale in their own training. After an initial train the trainer and sign-off STL USA can then deliver the course on the customers behalf.

It’s really that simple.

How would i know this is right for me?

That’s also pretty easy. Simply ask yourself a few questions to figure out if you need to outsource some or all of your training:

  • Is my company growing with lots of new customers?
  • Are my current trainers or training team getting overwhelemed and are struggling to meet demand?
  • Is this having a detrimental impact on my customer relationships?
  • Are we looking at losing new customers because we can’t adequately train them?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then it’s probably a sign to look for a partner who can help and not let training become a roadblock for your business growth.

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