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Wind Escape Personal Rescue device

WIND escape and passto pulley system

The Wind Escape Personal Rescue device has the most vital feature you should expect on any rescue device – it is easy to use under pressure.

Rescue descender with auto-lock, two or one-hand descent, anti-panic braking, smooth horizontal movement, shock absorption, and partner rescue features. Tested up to 200m. Ideal for rescue descents in the wind sector.

Includes the Passto ultra-compact pulley system for lifting in rescue maneuvers.

User training available on request.

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Wind Escape personal rescue
WIND escape and passto pulley system

Compact and light, assuming greater ergonomics and comfort and lower expenses in baggage billing, shipments, and logistics. 

Anti-panic function mitigates risks in high-pressure situations.




Minimum use temperature of -30°C.
– It incorporates 5mm diameter Technora rope resistant to high temperature and tears.
– Easy maintenance thanks to its vacuum packaging that simplifies the revision.
– Customisable rope length of up to 200m.
– CE EN 341:2011/2D: working load 40 – 120kg.
– ANSI Z359.4-2013: working load 60 – 141kg.
– 200m version’s weight: 4.4kg.

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Customers choose STL USA because we live by our mantra:

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Over the past 8 years we have trained over 2,000 technicians working closely with clients such as RWE, Siemens Gamesa, duke energy, And many more.

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