Dedicated facilities for technical and electrical.

STL USA is constantly innovating the facilities we use for training courses to offer the best learning experience we can for our attendees. As it becomes increasingly relevant for training providers like STL USA to be in a position to support the massive sector growth we are experiencing this puts a clear emphasis on the facilities we have and the broad range of training we offer. Launching this year STL USA’s wind tech training facilities at North 1st Abilene are dedicated to skills, competency, and electrical safety. This now allows us to run all our safety courses from our HQ, right over the street, and all our technical courses from our new site.

From a facilities perspective, we can shape the environment more to the needs of the student in that particular setting as opposed to trying to do everything in one place.

The new wind tech training facilities cover 3 dedicated classrooms and an 8,000 sq ft shop area with bolting, torquing, electrical stations, a full gearbox, and various other major components allowing students to get hands-on with their training.

Electrical safety training to standard NFPA 70E

One of the primary courses running from the new STL USA facilities is our Qualified Electrical worker course covering low and high voltage training to standard NFPA 70E. This is a 2-day face to face course which has been vetted and approved by major wind OEMs. This course is now becoming a must have for wind technicians. To accomodate demand STL USA are running courses every week.

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Skills and competency

Whilst we are not denying the importance of industry certification, particularly GWO, it’s becoming increasingly clear that employers in wind need the support of third party training organisations to deliver skills and competency training for their new hires and existing people. STL USA is rapidly increasing it’s portfolio of courses in this area.

Empoyers can choose from 3 options:

  • Basic Intro
  • Basic Intro +
  • Bespoke training
The basic intro packages are designed to offer a simple plug and play solution for those who require a good technical grounding for new hire technicians, covering:
  • AC/DC basics
  • Motor controls
  • Schematics
  • Digital multi-meter
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • MCE – Up tower troubleshooting/training (gearbox & generator) + Only
  • Platform specific converter  + Only
  • Boroscope + Only
Bespoke solutions allow employers to choose from a range of over 30 skills based modules, aligned to the ACP micro-credentials and GWO frameworks for new technicians. These courses can be taken in conjunction with GWO and Electrical safety certification to quickly get technicians up to speed.
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