WindStart graduates

Izac’s story 

Izac is one of the first students to graduate through the get into wind STL USA WindStart program.

Like many people Izac’s story is something we hear regularly, a young keen individual looking to break into the wind industry but struggling to find his first break. After applying for positions directly and not making any progress Izac was introduced to us by another technician.

Izac began his WindStart journey in March completing his GWO certs (BST, BTT, ART), Confined Space Awareness and finally Qualified Electrical Worker and his technical introduction.

STL USA via our recruitment partner WindTech.Careers have passed his resume to over 100 employers in wind and Izac is now well on way to gaining his first position in the industry.

The goal of WindStart is to help people exactly like Izac, with no experience, get into the wind sector. Izac now has a full list of industry certifications, something that makes him an extremely attractive new hire for any organisation. 

Why? There are a number of reasons why WindStart graduates are perfect new hires:

  • They come with over $10,000 worth of certs employers would otherwise have to pay an external provider for
  • They come with a basic technical grounding in wind
  • They’re keen, WindStart is a big commitment
WindStart certification

WindStart courses include:

  • GWO Basic Safety Training
  • GWO Basic Technical Training
  • GWO Advanced Rescue Training
  • Qualified Electrical worker to NFPA 70E Low & High Voltage
  • GWO Control of Hazardous Energies
  • Confined Space Awareness
  • Technical introduction to wind

Working alongside 100+ customers in wind gives STL USA unrivalled access to employers across the country. Coupled to the massive demand for new hires in the wind sector, WindStart graduates find themselves in high demand the minute they finish their course.

A key aspect of the WindStart program is helping the students to complete a resume, adding this to our partner company WindTech.Careers database and helping to apply for jobs.


Funding options are available from a range of areas to support students with course fees. From State level WIOA funding, Sallie Mae loans, Federal funding and more. Talk to us about your situation and we will support you with the most applicable funding solution.

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