Electrical Safety – NFPA 70E for Wind Techs

NFPA 70E for wind techs

NFPA 70E for wind techs

NFPA 70E for wind techs is becoming a must have. Many OEM now require this from their contractors and owner operators are increasingly adopting NFPA 70E courses as part of their training programs.

With this in mind here’s a quick overview of the course STL USA offers. 

Low and High Voltage Electrical Safety Training

The combined Low & High Voltage Electrical safety course to standard NFPA 70E from STL USA is a two-day face-to-face training course suitable for wind technicians across the spectrum. Specifically designed to equip wind technicians with electrical safety knowledge, best work practices in electrical safety, and how to apply them in real-world situations.

Course modules

The combined low and high-voltage course takes place over two training days.

Low Voltage

This course provides a thorough knowledge of the recommended safe behaviors for those who work around electrical hazards. Attendees gain an understanding of the latest guidelines and regulations from NFPA 70E and OSHA. Electrical workers and safety professionals learn key practical information: best work practices in electrical safety and how to apply them in real-world situations.

High Voltage

The second half of this course addresses the potential electrical hazards and safety practices specific to industrial high-voltage systems. Working on or around these types of systems requires additional knowledge and training on the relevant hazards and safety measures. Attendees in this class focus on the safety procedures, line tools, and mobile equipment considerations related to qualified high-voltage tasks. As part of the course, students work in small groups to apply what they have learned to preparing and presenting a pre-work briefing of a practical situation.

References: OSHA Regulations (as applicable), Current NFPA 70E Standard


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STL USA News March 2024 – OMS follow-up, Boroscope training, and more

STL USA news March 2024

STL USA News March 2024

Lots to report on over the last month or so. STL USA attended the ACP OMS show in San Diego, the finishing touches are being put together on a new Boroscope course in partnership with Evident Scientific (Olympus Scientific Solutions), we’re in full swing with Full Service Training for Wind and we are looking at the changing OEM training requirements for 2024. 

OMS 2024, San Diego

STL USA attended the ACP OMS show in San Diego this year. We are regulars of the event and it’s a date the whole team looks forward to. This year was a little bit special as we were presenting our new business proposition that ties together industry certification, skills and competency training, and our WindStart program for new industry recruits.

Part of our long-term strategy to provide solutions to the growth challenges the wind sector faces in the USA, the full-service model provides a full suite of training solutions, hiring solutions, and access to funding. Why? because we know that the growth we anticipate can only be achieved through high levels of competency and programs that bring new, keen people into the great sector we work in. 

Read more about Full Service training for wind here

Boroscope training courses

Over the last few months, STL USA has been working closely with our good friends at Evident Scientific to launch a market-leading Boroscope training course. 

As many of you know this is a vital piece of equipment used to assess key turbine components. Launching soon the course is aimed at anyone who is required to use a Boroscope as part of their day-to-day. Conducted using the gearbox set-up at STL USA’s North 1st facility the training will be a unique combination of Evident’s equipment and STL USA’s hands-on teaching.

*A waiting list already exists for this course, demand has been exceptionally high. Reach out to the STL USA team to find out more.*

Contact the team for more information, here.

Changing landscape of OEM certificate requirements

2024 has brought in several requirement changes for sub-contractors in the wind space. Much of this is being driven by the adoption of GWO standards across the industry and requirements for Electrical Safety Training to NFPA 70E.

As a key training partner for major OEMs, including GE and SGRE STL has all the certified courses on offer that you would require to meet their needs. 

These courses can be delivered from a training center or onsite depending on your requirements.

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2024 what’s coming up

The whole team at STL USA is super excited to see what the year brings. New training solutions, programs to encourage people into the industry, and hiring services for our large pool of partners! 

One thing that will remain constant at STL USa is our commitment to safety, quality, great facilities, and a great team.

PS, we forgot to mention Captain Safety made an appreance in San Diego, here he is with Tom Cruise!

Captain Safety

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