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GWO Bundle


GWO Training in Abilene

GWO Bundle Training

STL USA have combined a range of curricullums to offer technicians additional certifications within GWO training courses. Crucially this requires no additional contact time ensuring travel and accomodation costs are kept in check.

5 Star Reviews

– Great facilities and awesome staff of instructors! Convenient and easy to find location for high-quality wind industry safety training. These folks make it fun and engaging.

– Learned a lot here! Polite and helpful staff. Such a comfortable environment to learn! They have a variety of up to date equipment and all instructors are very knowledgeable in their respective trades. If you need GWO (BST, ART, or BTT), this is the place to go!

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Course Options

GWO BST & Confined Space Awareness

  • GWO Basic Safety Training (Fire Awareness, First Aid, Manual Handling, working at height)
  • Confined space awareness training

GWO ART & Confined space rescue

  • GWO Advanced Rescue Training 
  • Confined space rescue

GWO BTT & Schematics

  • GWO BAsic Technical Training 
  • Schematics reading


  • GWO Control of Hazardous Energies
  • NFPA 70E Electrical safety (low and high voltage)

GWO Lift & 3s Lift User

  • GWO Lift (all modules)
  • 3S Lift user training

GWO BST & GWO Lift User

(Coming 2024)

  • GWO BST (all modules)
  • GWO Lift User

GWO BTT & GWO Crane & Hoist (Coming 2024)

  • GWO BST (all modules)
  • GWO Lift User

Course Locations

STL USA Head Office, Onsite and Blended Online