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WindStart for Employers

The new hire and training solution for the wind industry.

WindStart for Employers includes:

Search and selection
3-step application process
Training including - GWO, NFPA 70E, technical bsics

Save $1,000's in recruiting and training fees.

Train Better,

Work Safer.

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Solving Wind's biggest challenge

We find the talent for you

  • The STL USA team work across the USA to identify the right candidates for wind
  • Leveraging extensive connections in education, related industries and more

3-step application process

  • Students apply to the program
  • Face to face interview
  • Screening

Training program

  • GWO courses
  • Qualified Electrical worker to NFPA 70E
  • Technical introduction to wind

Why use WindStart?

With WindStart you save time and money on growing your workforce

  • Hiring is both expensive and time consuming – let STL USA take care of this for you
  • We find the right candidates, candidates who will stay the course and want to make a career in the wind industry
  • Training, especially GWO accreditations is expensive. Combining this with the hiring process saves you money
  • STL USA training is widely regarded as some of the best in North America, that’s why companies like GE and Siemens rely on STL USA

Meet employment challenges head on

WindStart for employers is both a hiring and training solution to meeting the needs of the growing wind industry head-on.

STL USA’s WindStart team operate across the USA looking for the brightest and best individuals with the attitude and soft skills to be successful in wind.

Subject to a 3-step application process students are then enrolled into the training program and upon graduation assigned to employers.

The training program includes the full suite of GWO accreditations, Qualified Electrical worker to NFPA 70E Low and High voltage and a week of introductory skills and competency. teaches a basic overview of the main wind turbine. elements. 

STL USA works closely to match graduating students with employers ensuring the best fit for requirements.


3 week accreditation course

  • GWO – Basic Safety, Basic Technical, plus elective (Advanced Rescue and BTT Installation, or Control of Hazardous Energy and BTT Installation)
  • NFPA 70E Low and High Voltage

4 week accreditation + technical course

  • All of the above, plus
  • 5 day technical introduction to wind turbines (Schematics, Gearbox, Motor controls, DMM, AC/DC basics)

Unrivalled experience

  • 25+ years global experience teaching wind technicians
  • Skilled instructors with a minimum 5+ years in the field

Industry certification

  • Premier Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training center
  • Certified for a variety of industry must have qualification such as NFPA 70E

Industry relationships

  • 100+ industry customers use STL USA training
  • Unrivalled connections throughout the wind indutry
  • Dedicated careers division

High quality faciltiies

  • Multiple classrooms and workshops
  • State-of-the-art wind components, tools, and equipment
  • Climbing tower, advanced rescue facilities and more
the fast track into wind
Courses designed specifically for those looking to get into the wind industry, built directly on employers requirements
Why stl usa?

Train better, work safer.

Customers choose STL USA because we live by our mantra:

Train better, work safer.

Over the past 8 years we have trained over 3,000 technicians working closely with clients such as RWE, Siemens Gamesa, GE, and many more.

Extensive Course Programs

Technical Training


Extensive field experience
1,000s of hours of teaching
Highly qualified trainers

Course Materials

High-quality support materials

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“The technicians all agree that the trainers were well informed and very willing to stop to answer questions throughout the day. We are very excited to have found a great resource with a facility in Iowa. We look forward to working with you again soon and to visit or train at your facility. Please tell the trainers ‘Great Job!'”

– Siemens Gamesa

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