Build additional value into your GWO training.

As the market is ramping up hiring and growth STL USA has worked hard to develop a range of GWO Bundle training courses. GWO Bundle training combines the well know GWO courses with a range of additional certification. 

What are the courses?

Courses include

  1. GWO BST & Confined Space Awareness
  2. GWO ART & Confined space rescue
  3. GWO BTT & Schematics
  4. GWO CoHE & NFPA &70E
  5. GWO Lift & 3s Lift User
Does this mean more training time?

In most cases no. We’ve taken the requirements from each part of the bundle and created a combined curricullum that meets both. Crucially we’ve done this in a way that requires no additional training time for the technician. This means more value and more skills and knowledge for participants.

Where can I take these courses?

Bundle courses can be taken at an STL USA facility or onsite at your wind farm of office location. Don’t have a tower? No problem we can come to you with our mobile training trailer and offer you a complete training experience at your site.

What about cost savings?

We know technicians need to acquire more than just GWO certificates. That’s why we’ve bundled GWO training with a range of universally popular training courses. Like GWO Control of Hazardous energies and NFPA 70E electrical safety training. Both are must-haves for technicians in the field. 

By creating a curriculum that meets the requirements of both we’ve been able to keep contact time down to purely the GWO timeframe. That means no additional training days and no more additional overheads.

Course delivery can be done in a variety of formats that combine both digital and face-to-face formats. This is a great way to further reduce time away from site by taking the theory elements of the courses online in advance of purely practical face-to-face training to complete the course.

Interested in training with STL USA

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