Teaching technician skills.

STL USA is delighted to announce the expansion of our technical training courses for wind technicians. Wind Technician Technical Training is a vital component for new hires and experienced technicians alike. This is where technicians learn the skills to do the job, usually alongside taking their safety certificates, GWO.

What are the courses?

STL USA has split technical training courses for wind technicians into two categories. Our Basic Intro and Basic Intro Plus courses are off-the-shelf packages that align with ACP/ANSI minimum requirements. We then have a vast range of technical modules that allow customers to build a program suited specifically to their needs. 

Basic intro courses

The Basic intro courses for wind technicians cover the following:

Basic Intro

  • AC/DC basics
  • Motor controls
  • Schematics
  • Digital multimeter
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • 5 day course

Basic Intro Plus

  • Basic intro modules, plus
  • MCE – Up tower troubleshooting/training (gearbox & generator) 
  • Platform-specific converter
  • Boroscope
  • 10-day course
These courses have been developed in line with industry requirements and customer feedback. They provide a great ground for new technicians and can be taken alongside GWO and NFPA certification for a complete new hire package. For employers these solutions are a great way to ensure their new hires get the right training, taking the hassle out of dealing with this in-house. Numbers can be scaled up and down and of course, there are no overheads when people aren’t being trained
Bespoke training options

Company training requirements differ from business to business and this is where STL USA bespoke technical training comes into its own. Taking a bespoke option allows you to hand-pick from a large range of modules to build a course that’s unique to your needs. Have technicians who have very different roles. No problem. Your package can be split into a number of disciplines to accommodate the requirements of different teams. These modules include:

Wind skills
Introduction to Turbine Generators
Failure Analysis
Maintaining Bearings
Precision Measuring Instruments
Hydraulic System Operation
Hydraulic Pumps, Pumping Principles and Accumulators
Pressure Controls
Directional and Flow Controls
Hydraulic Actuators
Fundamentals of Lubrication
Lubrication Maintenance
Introduction to Mechanical Print Reading
Lines Used in Mechanical Print Reading
Dimensions in Mechanical Print Reading
Mechanical Seals
Hand Operated Equipment
Forklifts and Cranes
Principles and Practices of Predictive Maintenance
Vibration Analysis
Lubricant and Trend Analysis
Techniques for Extending Bearing Life
Principles of Reverse Double Dial Alignment
Reverse Double Dial Alignment Procedure
Pressure Measurement
Flow Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Level Measurement
Calibration Principles
Calibrating Pressure and Differential Pressure Instruments
Calibrating Flow Instruments
Calibrating Level Instruments
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Test Devices
Electronic Test Devices
Calibrating Meteorological Instrumentation

Foundational skills

AC Motor Theory
AC Motor Maintenance
DC Motor Theory
DC Motor Maintenance
Fuses and Circuit Breakers
Limit Switches
Switches, Coils, and Overloads
Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits
Inverters: Operation and Maintenance

Ammeters, Meggers and Wheatstone Bridge
Electrical Schematics
Electrical Diagrams
Principles of Operation
Interpreting Ladder Logic
Programmable Controllers for Analog Control
Introduction to Transformers
Transformer operations and maintenance

Hand Tools
Torque and Tensioning
Ladders and Scaffolding

Distributed Control Fundamentals
Maintaining Distributed Control Systems
Electronic Controllers
Calibrating Temperature Instruments
Instruments In Hazardous Environments


NFPA 70E low and high voltage

GWO Control of Hazardous Energies


As you can see the options are extensive. STL USA believes this offers the perfect training options for an industry that is moving quickly, needs to hire aggressively but is committed to ensuring technician safety and competency.

Interested in training with STL USA

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