GWO training standards are regularly updated. The most recent took place on July 1st this year. We explore what this means for technicians seeking accreditation and those renewing.


GWO standards are continually improving ensuring that all modules are at the cutting edge of safety and process. With a recent update taking place on the 1st of July this year we thought it was a great opportunity to explore what this means from a trainer and technician perspective and how this might affect your GWO training and accreditations.


What’s changed?

GWO training standards are frequently updated. Both BST and BTT have recently been updated, moving from version 11 and version 4 respectively to 12 and 5. Training providers, that’s us, can continue to use the old standard for a 3 month grace period, which ended on July the 1st this year, at which point delivery needs to move to the new version.


How does this affect technicians?

It’s important to know whether your training provider is delivering the correct standard. Outside of the grace period accreditations to obsolete standards with be considered non-compliant and this affects your ability to work at GWO accredited locations. As the grace, or handover, period has now finished all courses should be delivered to BST v12 or BTT v5.


Is STL compliant?

In a word, yes. It’s of paramount importance to STL USA that we are delivering training to the correct training standard and are completely compliant with the GWO in respect of this.


When is the next round of updates?

GWO regularly review and update the training standards with the next round scheduled for the second half of 2020 and first half of 2021. We’ll ensure to keep you  informed of developments via the website and social media.


Should I worry about compliance?

As we’ve mentioned it’s important to verify if you’re trainer is delivering the correct version of the BST or BTT. You can be assured that this is the case with STL USA courses but we can’t speak for other providers. If in doubt or if you have questions please reach out to us and we can hopefully help.


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