Full service training for wind: Launching at O&M 2024

O&M 2024 STL USA

O&M 2024

This year O&M 2024 sees the launch of STL USA’s integrated training and hiring solution, Full Service Training for WInd.

Combining the great training and reputation built by STL USA and the demands of the industry over the next 5-10 years.

Full-service training for Wind is a workforce solution that provides solutions for the biggest problems facing our sector in the coming years. Namely, our ability to hire, train and develop our technician workforce.

Industry certification

STL USA has a full suite of industry certification training, including GWO and Qualified Electrical Worker training to NFPA 70E (2024). These courses form the backbone of a technician’s training program. GWO certs are the default requirement for virtually every field-based worker in wind. Increasingly Qualified Electrical workers are also becoming a must-have cert in the technician’s locker. STL USA runs weekly courses across the full range of industry certifications with a significant capacity to train large numbers of technicians as required.

Popular courses include; GWO Basic Safety Training, GWO Basic Technical Training, and GWO Advanced Rescue Training as well as a host of other GWO courses and Qualified Electrical Worker courses.

View the range of GWO Courses.

Skills and competency

The demand for new hires into wind is increasing exponentially. With this comes the added pressure employers face to turn those new hires into wind technicians. STL USA’s skills and competency training is designed specifically to build and enhance a technicians technical and practical knowledge. 

Courses come in two styles, the Basic Intro packages are of-the-shelf courses that group common modules together for an easy plugin solution. Bespoke wind and foundational skills allow an employer to build out a training program that meets their exact needs by selecting from over 30 training modules to build out their program.

Learn more about Wind Technician Technical Training

WindStart funded training and hiring

The WindStart program is a funded training program designed to bring new people into wind and offer employers and easy route to hiring qualified technicians. The program accesses State and National level funding to keep course fees super low for students and provides employers a funnel of certified techs that would otherwise cost tens of thousands to train.

WindStart completes STL USA’s Full Service Training for Wind solution, aiming to solve probably the biggest challenge faced by the sector in the next 10 years.

WindStart programs run for 3 or 4 weeks, include all the must-have GWO certs, Electrical safety and, in the 4 week program, a week of technical introduction to wind energy.

Learn more about WindStart


Learn more, come speak with us at O&M 2024

At O&M 2024 we will be discussing Full Service Training for Wind and how each component of our offer can support your business in this period of growth.

You can find us at Booth 406, February 21-23, 2024 | Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

O&M 2024


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Become a wind technician with WindStart

Become a wind technician

Start your wind technician career.

In our latest blog, we focus on how to become a wind technician with STL USA’s WindStart program. 

The WindStart program has been specifically designed to support people looking to get into the wind industry and the increasing demands of employers for new hires. The program includes a number of funding solutions that ensure the training course is low to no cost for many applicants. Employers join the program as hiring partners gaining access to a fully certified pool of new hires.

What is a Wind Technician?

Wind technicians install, inspect, maintain, operate, and repair wind turbines. Although technicians work across the full spectrum from installation to demolition and re-power the vast majority are involved in maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing turbines. Read more about the role on The Department Of Energy website,. here

What draws people to wind is the opportunity, salaries are high, and it truly is a career that can take you places. 

What is WindStart?

WindStart is a 3 or 4-week program designed to equip people new to wind with the industry certifications and basic knowledge to join new hire programs in wind. WindStart supercharges employability providing the candidate with key certification, including GWO and Electrical safety, plus a good basic grounding in skills and competency. This instantly places WindStart graduates at the top of the pile for hiring managers.

Am I guaranteed a job?

STL USA have a very large base of employers that are signed onto the program, many of these already use STL USA’s training services for their in house people and they are hiring large numbers of new people each year. On top of that the sector in the USA is growing fast, that’s not slowing down in the next 5-10 years. In fact hiring is probably one of the biggest challenges employers face, WindStart graduates are the most employable new hires in the country.

WindStart for employers

WindStart isn’t just about students. Becoming a wind technician is kind of difficult without employers to make it happen. The WindStart panel of employers have the pick of new hires that have passed through the program, come with GWO and Electrical safety qualifications and are commited to a career in wind energy. Employers have a bunch of options to make the program work for their new hire and training goals. They can simply pick up graduates as they come out of the program, they can shunt new hires they have sourced through the program or they can sponsor places in the program. The final option means STL USA will manage all the training and hiring needs for the employer.

Why is WindStart a better option for employers?

We all know how hard hiring is in wind energy at the moment, STL USA take care of this, train the candidate and hand them over to the employer ready to go saving significant amounts of time and money. Without WindStart employers have to go through the full hiring process, pay to get the person certified and take a big chance on whether that person will even work out.

How do i find out more?

Simply click the link below and regsiter your interest in the WindStart program, a member of the team will reach out to you and talk you through how WindStart can benefit you.


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Join STL USA at ACP’s Operations and Maintenance show 2024

O&M 2024, join us at booth 406.

In the quest for a sustainable and greener future, the American Clean Power Association (ACPA) has been at the forefront of promoting clean energy solutions. The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Show 2024, hosted by ACPA in San Diego, emerges as a pivotal event, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements in clean power technologies. This article delves into the significance of the ACPA O&M Show 2024, shedding light on its objectives, participants, and the potential impact on the clean energy landscape.

The American Clean Power Association:

Founded with the mission of accelerating the transition to a renewable energy-powered future, the American Clean Power Association has played a vital role in advocating for policies that support clean energy development. Comprising wind, solar, storage, and transmission companies, the ACPA serves as a unified voice for the clean power industry, fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainable growth.

The O&M Show 2024:

The Operations and Maintenance Show organized by the ACPA is a testament to the industry’s commitment to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of clean power infrastructure. Scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of San Diego, the 2024 edition promises to be a platform where stakeholders converge to discuss, showcase, and learn about the latest trends, challenges, and breakthroughs in operations and maintenance within the clean power sector.

Objectives of the O&M Show:

  1. Knowledge Exchange: One of the primary goals of the O&M Show is to facilitate knowledge exchange among professionals in the clean power industry. With sessions covering a wide array of topics, from predictive maintenance to data analytics and cybersecurity, participants can gain insights into the latest technologies and best practices that enhance the operational efficiency of clean energy systems.

  2. Networking Opportunities: The O&M Show serves as a hub for networking, bringing together key players in the clean power sector. Participants can engage in discussions, establish collaborations, and build relationships that are essential for the growth and success of the industry. From project developers to equipment suppliers and service providers, the event attracts a diverse range of stakeholders.

  3. Showcasing Innovations: The exhibition component of the O&M Show provides a platform for companies to showcase their latest innovations in operations and maintenance technologies. Attendees can explore cutting-edge solutions, ranging from advanced monitoring systems to robotics and artificial intelligence applications, that are shaping the future of clean energy maintenance.

Participants and Speakers:

The O&M Show 2024 is expected to draw a diverse and influential group of participants. Industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, and technology providers will converge to share their expertise and contribute to the collective knowledge pool. Keynote speakers, representing both established companies and emerging startups, will address critical issues and offer insights into the evolving landscape of clean power operations and maintenance.

  1. Industry Leaders: CEOs and executives from prominent clean power companies will share their perspectives on the industry’s current state and future trajectory. Discussions may revolve around market trends, policy implications, and strategies for overcoming challenges in operations and maintenance.

  2. Policymakers: Policymakers play a crucial role in shaping the regulatory environment for the clean power sector. Representatives from government agencies will provide insights into the latest policies affecting operations and maintenance practices, fostering a better understanding of the broader regulatory landscape.

  3. Researchers and Innovators: Scientists, researchers, and innovators will present the latest advancements in technology and methodologies for improving the reliability and performance of clean energy systems. Topics may include developments in predictive maintenance, advanced monitoring, and the integration of emerging technologies like blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT).

  4. Service Providers: Companies offering operations and maintenance services, ranging from equipment maintenance to data analytics and cybersecurity, will showcase their capabilities. This diverse group of service providers plays a crucial role in ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of clean power infrastructure.

The San Diego Venue:

San Diego, known for its picturesque landscapes and forward-thinking environmental policies, serves as an ideal backdrop for the O&M Show. The city’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the goals of the clean power industry, creating a synergistic environment for meaningful discussions and collaboration. Participants can also explore San Diego’s clean energy initiatives, from solar-powered infrastructure to innovative waste management practices.

Anticipated Themes and Sessions:

This years O&M Show 2024 is expected to cover a wide range of themes and topics relevant to the clean power industry’s operations and maintenance sector. Some anticipated themes include:

  1. Predictive Maintenance: Exploring the latest advancements in predictive maintenance technologies that leverage data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to anticipate and address potential issues before they impact system performance.

  2. Cybersecurity in Clean Energy: Addressing the growing concerns around cybersecurity in the clean power sector and discussing strategies to protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

  3. Asset Management and Optimization: Examining best practices for asset management, performance optimization, and extending the lifespan of clean energy assets.

  4. Innovations in Monitoring Technologies: Showcasing the latest innovations in monitoring technologies, including remote sensing, drones, and satellite imagery, for enhanced visibility and control over clean energy systems.

  5. Grid Integration and Transmission: Discussing the challenges and opportunities associated with grid integration, transmission, and the role of clean power in building a resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure.

  6. Workforce Development: Addressing the need for skilled professionals in the clean power industry and exploring initiatives for workforce development and training programs.


The American Clean Power Association Operations and Maintenance Show 2024 in San Diego stands as a pivotal event that brings together the brightest minds and key players in the clean power industry. By fostering knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, and the showcasing of cutting-edge innovations, the event is poised to contribute significantly to the advancement of operations and maintenance practices within the clean energy sector. As the world continues its transition towards a sustainable future, the insights and collaborations forged at the O&M Show are expected to play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of the clean power industry for years to come.


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Technical training and electrical safety in STL USA’s brand new facility

Technical training courses for wind technicians

Dedicated facilities for technical and electrical.

STL USA is constantly innovating the facilities we use for training courses to offer the best learning experience we can for our attendees. As it becomes increasingly relevant for training providers like STL USA to be in a position to support the massive sector growth we are experiencing this puts a clear emphasis on the facilities we have and the broad range of training we offer. Launching this year STL USA’s wind tech training facilities at North 1st Abilene are dedicated to skills, competency, and electrical safety. This now allows us to run all our safety courses from our HQ, right over the street, and all our technical courses from our new site.

From a facilities perspective, we can shape the environment more to the needs of the student in that particular setting as opposed to trying to do everything in one place.

The new wind tech training facilities cover 3 dedicated classrooms and an 8,000 sq ft shop area with bolting, torquing, electrical stations, a full gearbox, and various other major components allowing students to get hands-on with their training.

Electrical safety training to standard NFPA 70E

One of the primary courses running from the new STL USA facilities is our Qualified Electrical worker course covering low and high voltage training to standard NFPA 70E. This is a 2-day face to face course which has been vetted and approved by major wind OEMs. This course is now becoming a must have for wind technicians. To accomodate demand STL USA are running courses every week.

If you need to book a course click here.

Skills and competency

Whilst we are not denying the importance of industry certification, particularly GWO, it’s becoming increasingly clear that employers in wind need the support of third party training organisations to deliver skills and competency training for their new hires and existing people. STL USA is rapidly increasing it’s portfolio of courses in this area.

Empoyers can choose from 3 options:

  • Basic Intro
  • Basic Intro +
  • Bespoke training
The basic intro packages are designed to offer a simple plug and play solution for those who require a good technical grounding for new hire technicians, covering:
  • AC/DC basics
  • Motor controls
  • Schematics
  • Digital multi-meter
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • MCE – Up tower troubleshooting/training (gearbox & generator) + Only
  • Platform specific converter  + Only
  • Boroscope + Only
Bespoke solutions allow employers to choose from a range of over 30 skills based modules, aligned to the ACP micro-credentials and GWO frameworks for new technicians. These courses can be taken in conjunction with GWO and Electrical safety certification to quickly get technicians up to speed.
 For the full range of modules click, here.

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