Serious features for serious situations

The Wind Escape Features are specifically designed with technician safety in mind. But, more than that they are designed for high-pressure, stressful situations. The Wind Escape personal rescue and Passto pulley system for rescues represent the future of personal rescue. Small light, super intuitive devices with a host of features that prioritise safety. This is a direct reaction to the older, heavier, more complicated devices we have seen throughout the industry and a need to do better. Something that has been demanded by wind technicians for the last few years.

Compact and light

The Wind Escape personal rescue has been designed with technician comfort to the fore. Its super light design makes it the go-to personal rescue device.

Anti-jamming and anti-panic

Even in the event of a technician’s panic situation the device operates either a 2 or 1-handed. Anti-jamming means no one is left dangling.

No overheating

The Technora rope ensures no overheating for the entire length of a descent.

No weight set-up required

Ensuring the device is as simple as possible no set-up is required for the user’s weight. This is essential as who has time to stop and start calculating in a rescue or escape situation.

Simple slack feed and rescue setup

Unlike some devices currently on the market a key Wind Escape feature is its ability to feed through slack. This is vital in rescue situations in combination with the Passto pulley system, making rescue efficient and fast.

Technical Features

Minimum use temperature of -30°C.
– It incorporates a 5mm diameter Technora rope resistant to high temperature and tears.
– Easy maintenance thanks to its vacuum packaging that simplifies the revision.
– Customisable rope length of up to 200m.
– CE EN 341:2011/2D: working load 40 – 120kg.
– ANSI Z359.4-2013: working load 60 – 141kg.
– 200m version’s weight: 4.4kg.

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