Hiring new wind technicians is one of the biggest challenges we face in the USA both now and into the future. There is huge growth potential in the wind industry but to achieve it we need to dramatically expand the workforce.

Unfortunately hiring new wind technicians is also time consuming and expensive. Firstly there is the recruitment process then the new employee needs to be trained not only to do the job but also they need to gain industry certification – GWO being the main accreditation. Added together and the cost of a new hire at the start of their career is significant, $10’s of thousands of dollars.

So how do we solve this, how do we create a flow of new people who will stay the course with wind, train them and do it all for a budget that makes sense?

WindStart for Employers

STL USA has created the WindStart program to address these challenges head-on.

WindStart for employers is both a hiring and training solution combined. The program is designed to filter out the best students, train them and give them the core certification required by the wind industry. As a solution is saves employers time and money.

WindStart allows employers to streamline their new hire process, reducing fees, admin and risk. 

The WindStart Training Program

The perfect entry point to the wind industry

STL USA specializes in teaching new and experienced wind technicians across a variety of disciplines and accreditations. This includes a complete range of GWO accreditations (the industry standard), Qualified Electrical Worker to NFPA 70E and a full spectrum of introductory and intermediate technical courses across all aspects of the common platforms (GE, Siemens, Vestas etc)

STL USA has built a reputation for training excellence and quality. That’s why companies like GE and Siemens trust STL USA to deliver on training.


How does it work

From an employers perspective it’s super simple.

The employer sign-up process simply needs to define how many new hires are required and over what time period alongside any educational requirements and soft skills. 

STL USA then do the rest, including:

  • Managing a 3-step process which includes a written application, face to face interview and screening
  • Students who pass this are then enrolled onto the training program
  • Once students graduate STL USA then places students into the roles the employer has committed to the program


WindStart is designed to be cost efficient for employers, cutting down on hiring expenses, admin, training costs and more.

The base fee for employers is $9,000 per role. This includes the entire search, selection application process and 4 weeks training. Training includes over $10,000 of industry accreditation – GWO Basic Safety, GWO Basic Technical, GWO Advanced Rescue, QEW – NFPA 70E and a week long technical intro to wind.


The benefits of WindStart are clear. For more information click the link below.


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