Become a wind technician with WindStart

Become a wind technician

Start your wind technician career.

In our latest blog, we focus on how to become a wind technician with STL USA’s WindStart program. 

The WindStart program has been specifically designed to support people looking to get into the wind industry and the increasing demands of employers for new hires. The program includes a number of funding solutions that ensure the training course is low to no cost for many applicants. Employers join the program as hiring partners gaining access to a fully certified pool of new hires.

What is a Wind Technician?

Wind technicians install, inspect, maintain, operate, and repair wind turbines. Although technicians work across the full spectrum from installation to demolition and re-power the vast majority are involved in maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing turbines. Read more about the role on The Department Of Energy website,. here

What draws people to wind is the opportunity, salaries are high, and it truly is a career that can take you places. 

What is WindStart?

WindStart is a 3 or 4-week program designed to equip people new to wind with the industry certifications and basic knowledge to join new hire programs in wind. WindStart supercharges employability providing the candidate with key certification, including GWO and Electrical safety, plus a good basic grounding in skills and competency. This instantly places WindStart graduates at the top of the pile for hiring managers.

Am I guaranteed a job?

STL USA have a very large base of employers that are signed onto the program, many of these already use STL USA’s training services for their in house people and they are hiring large numbers of new people each year. On top of that the sector in the USA is growing fast, that’s not slowing down in the next 5-10 years. In fact hiring is probably one of the biggest challenges employers face, WindStart graduates are the most employable new hires in the country.

WindStart for employers

WindStart isn’t just about students. Becoming a wind technician is kind of difficult without employers to make it happen. The WindStart panel of employers have the pick of new hires that have passed through the program, come with GWO and Electrical safety qualifications and are commited to a career in wind energy. Employers have a bunch of options to make the program work for their new hire and training goals. They can simply pick up graduates as they come out of the program, they can shunt new hires they have sourced through the program or they can sponsor places in the program. The final option means STL USA will manage all the training and hiring needs for the employer.

Why is WindStart a better option for employers?

We all know how hard hiring is in wind energy at the moment, STL USA take care of this, train the candidate and hand them over to the employer ready to go saving significant amounts of time and money. Without WindStart employers have to go through the full hiring process, pay to get the person certified and take a big chance on whether that person will even work out.

How do i find out more?

Simply click the link below and regsiter your interest in the WindStart program, a member of the team will reach out to you and talk you through how WindStart can benefit you.


Interested in WindStart? 

Click the link to find out more 

Solving the Wind Energy Sector Recruitment Challenge in the US

Wind Energy Sector Recruitment

Navigating the Winds of Change.

As the United States continues to invest in clean and sustainable energy sources, the wind energy sector is poised for unprecedented growth in the next decade. However, with this promising future comes a significant challenge – the recruitment and training of skilled professionals to meet the industry’s escalating demands. To ensure a seamless transition to a greener tomorrow, addressing the wind energy sector’s recruitment challenge is imperative. This blog post explores key aspects such as funding, training initiatives, and strategic hiring approaches that can help overcome this challenge.

Funding initiatives

One of the primary hurdles in expanding the wind energy workforce is securing adequate funding for training programs and educational initiatives. To address this, collaboration between government bodies, private sector stakeholders, and educational institutions is crucial. Government incentives and grants should be made available to support the development of training programs specifically tailored to the wind energy sector. Programs such as the Inflation Reduction Act are a great step in the right direction.

Moreover, wind energy companies can establish partnerships with universities and vocational institutions to create scholarship programs and research grants. These initiatives not only attract potential talent but also contribute to the advancement of wind energy technology. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, the industry can ensure a sustainable pipeline of skilled professionals.

Training the next generation

To meet the growing demand for skilled workers, it is essential to design comprehensive wind technician training programs that equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and practical skills. Wind energy companies should collaborate with educational institutions to develop specialized curricula that cover areas such as wind turbine technology, maintenance, and safety protocols.

Internship programs and apprenticeships can provide hands-on experience, allowing trainees to work alongside seasoned professionals. This real-world exposure not only enhances their skills but also provides a pathway for recruitment. Companies should actively engage with local communities to identify and nurture talent, promoting inclusivity and diversity within the industry.

Strategic Hiring Approaches

As the wind energy sector expands, companies need to adopt strategic hiring approaches to attract and retain top talent. Here are some key considerations:

a. Diversity and Inclusion: Actively promoting diversity and inclusion is essential for fostering innovation and ensuring a well-rounded workforce. Companies should implement policies that encourage the recruitment of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including women and underrepresented minorities.

b. Collaboration with Educational Institutions: Establishing strong ties with universities, community colleges, and vocational schools is crucial for identifying potential candidates early in their educational journey. Wind energy companies can contribute to curriculum development, provide guest lectures, and offer internships to create a direct talent pipeline.

c. Competitive Compensation Packages: To attract the best talent, wind energy companies must offer competitive compensation packages. Beyond salary, benefits such as professional development opportunities, health and wellness programs, and flexible work arrangements can enhance the overall appeal of the organization.

d. Embracing Technology: The wind energy sector is evolving rapidly, with technological advancements shaping the landscape. Companies should actively seek individuals with a passion for innovation and a willingness to adapt to emerging technologies. Investing in continuous training for existing employees also ensures that the workforce remains up-to-date with the latest developments.

Looking for roles in wind energy or a great hiring solution? Check on our partner recruitment site.

In conclusion, as the wind energy sector in the United States scales over the next decade, solving the recruitment challenge is paramount for sustained growth and success. By focusing on funding initiatives, developing robust training programs, and adopting strategic hiring approaches, the industry can build a skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and meeting the demands of a cleaner and more sustainable future. Through collaboration between government entities, educational institutions, and private sector stakeholders, the wind energy sector can overcome recruitment challenges and harness the full potential of wind power for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants.

Interested in training with STL USA? 

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WindStart program

A complete program to get you into wind energy

STL has created the WindStart program to help people get into wind. Why? Because, wind energy is one of the fastest-growing industries in the USA, with above-average salaries and a huge demand for new workers. This post explores why you should consider a career in wind and why WindStart is the perfect place to start.

A growing market

Significant growth is forecast in the US wind energy market over the next 5 years. It’s estimated the market will grow by 50% over this time period. Fuelled by Government incentives and reduced costs wind energy is the fastest-growing jobs market in the USA. 

Wind energy market growth
The training program

WindStart includes two-course options. The first covers all the required industry qualifications; GWO Basic Safety, GWO Basic Technical, GWO Advanced Rescue plus electrical safety and access to windtech careers. The second option includes an additional week of technical training covering all major aspects of a wind turbine.


Through our long-standing partnership with Texas State Technical College, up to 60% of course fees can be covered by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. 

As Wind Turbine Service Technician is an in-demand career option, these courses are eligible for WIOA funding which provides up to $4,500 for an individual to train. 

Funding requirements: Not already working in sector, or unemployed.

On-the-job training, linking to business

As part of the WindStart program STL USA is working with our customer base to create 2-3 week paid job placements for students who successfully pass through the WindStart training. This is a great stepping stone to employment and is a perfect opportunity to experience life in the field.

Recruitment, jobs

STL USA has also set up a jobs site specifically for wind technicians and employers in the wind industry. All students who pass through WindStart have the opportunity to create a free resume which is shared with over 300 employers in the wind sector.

How to access WindStart?

Booking onto courses is really simple, just click the link below and a member of the STL USA team will help you book onto a course, secure funding and give you all the information you need to start your journey in wind.

Find out more about WindStart

Click the link and fill in the form for more information.

Join the STL USA team.

Would you like to join the STL USA team?

We have three opportunities to join the STL USA team. We’re currently recruiting for two trainers and a back office role at STL USA as we continue to grow across the country.



STL USA has been operating in the USA since 2015, with two main training facilities located in Texas and Iowa. Part of the Safety Technology group of companies headquartered in the UK and with operations across Europe, STL USA extends the knowledge and experience built up over 20 years in wind energy delivering training and safety solutions for the largest global companies. STL USA is exclusively focussed on delivering GWO training across a range of standards to technicians working across the country. Thousands of techs have passed through STL USA training courses and the company ambition is to to grow rapidly in the coming years in line with the huge growth the wind sector is experiencing in the USA.


Job description: GWO Training Instructor x2

Location: Texas, flexible

Subject to an initial training period of 2-3 months depending on competency and experience. The training instructor will be expected to deliver company training programmes within the specified training procedures and accredited standards, for GWO. This includes a number of theory, discussion and practical elements across the modules; fire awareness, first aid, manual handling and working at height. The nature of GWO training is very practical and the instructor is therefore required to be able to demonstrate a number of course elements in a simulated wind turbine environment, therefore requiring a level of climbing competency and fitness.

The key tasks include:

  • Carry out company and Accredited training programmes and provision of training procedures as required.
  • Complete training documentation and records as required
  • Develop and improve training equipment and facilities as appropriate in line with the Technical Director.
  • Maintain training facilities and training equipment
  • Carry out product inspections, maintenance and re-certification of products.
  • Assist with the organisation and participation in exhibitions when required
  • Liaise with partner companies, specialist suppliers and organisations as required.
  • Implement effective health and safety including, writing, updating and following risk assessments, safe systems of work and company procedures.
  • Act as Fire Marshalls and First Aiders, and implement the company Health and Safety practices at all times.
  • Provide effective support and communication to customers and other team members especially internal sales administration, sales and directors.
  • Maintain company systems and procedures including enquiries, quotations and quality and training procedures. Auditing and review of customer feedback.
  • Carry out other duties as requested by the company such as site inspections, onsite training, overseas training and audits.


The role would suit somebody already working in wind energy, ideally in a supervisory role, safety role or with suitable turbine experience. GWO certifications are an advantage but anyone with a teaching/training background and the relevant working at height experience would be considered. It goes without saying the person must be comfortable working at height.

Salary and benefits: To be discussed (in line with market rates)


Job description: Office Administrator

Location: Texas, flexible

Responsible for the booking, administration and logistics of all training courses. Working with the Lead Trainer and VP USA and other members in the wider group company the Office Administrator is responsible for maintaining administrative policies and procedures, customert service and some basic finance duties.

The key tasks include:

  • Follow the 3 pillars or responsibility for training Admin, Facility Booking/Trainer Booking/Customer Scheduling and Admin
  • Upkeep of the USA training calendars
  • Organising trainer allocation
  • Ensuring all accredited practices are adhered to in terms of training admin and customer support following course booking, in relation to joining instructions, medical or dietary requirements (following medical guidelines for Doctor sign off if any specific boxes are ticked) and certification on completion of the courses
  • Data entry and continual communication with Training Manager/Sales Manager/Technical Director on courses and staffing
  • Liaise with the Inspection Manager on scheduling of trainer training courses from the skills matrix
  • Assist in audits internal/external bodies.
  • Raising customer invoices via Quickbooks
  • Booking and admin of lunches for training candidates and trainers
  • Booking of trainer accommodation and travel to onsite training
  • Archive all information necessary for annual auditing process
  • Audit training folders to ensure all documents for courses are completed, in particular onsite
  • Carry out other duties as requested by the company


The role would suit somebody in an existing administrative position, comfortable multi-tasking with a keen attention to detail.

Salary and benefits: To be discussed (inline with market rate)


If you’re interested in joining us please contact us via the link below or email us at


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Veterans finding fulfilling careers in wind energy.

Safety Technology has a long history of transitioning veterans into the wind industry through training courses.

Safety Technology are proud to have been at the forefront of training veterans for new careers in the wind energy industry. Starting as the first working at height provider to offer ELCAS (UK Ministry of Defence) approved training courses helping ex-service men retrain and transition to the civilian workforce. STL have continued to prioritise veterans onto courses, particularly GWO training.

UK based initiatives provide funding for veterans and we are delighted to announce we are bringing this scheme to Safety Technology USA. Details will be released over the coming months but the basics will mean veterans can apply for assisted places on a GWO training course.

As a dynamic industry, wind energy calls upon talented individuals with a wide range of skills. Veterans bring value and experience to the wind energy industry workforce as the skills learnt serving their country are perfect to transition to the demanding careers in wind. These skills include; a strong work ethic, functioning well as part of a team, existing training using machinery and working at height, being used to the outdoors in all weathers and the ability to not loose focus on their goals and get the job done.

These attributes are perfectly aligned to the demands of life in the field working on wind turbines and in logistical roles.

For more information on GWO courses and transitioning into the wind sector click below.

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We’re hiring! Want to become a GWO trainer?

Want to become a GWO trainer? We have a great opportunity to join the USA’s fastest growing industry, wind energy.

STL USA are recruiting for new GWO trainers as demand for GWO training courses increases. the wind energy sector in the USA is one of the fastest growing markets with double digit job creation happening yearly. Growth is being driven by cities, states and corporations committing to clean energy, fuelling the boom we are at the center of. There’s no better time to become a GWO trainer.

GWO, Global Wind Organisation, is the industry body responsible for setting common safety standards for technicians in the wind energy sector. Created by its members the GWO have two main safety standards which STL train. The Basic Safety Standard and Basic Technical Standard. Course content covers all aspects of safety for onshore and offshore turbines as well as regular refreshers.

STL deliver training from two main hubs, Texas and Iowa. The facilities at each are world class with extensive climbing systems and turbine mock-ups to practice training.

As a course instructor, you will be delivering GWO and other courses to wind energy technicians at Safety Technology USA’s main training locations in Texas and Iowa as well as remotely onsite with clients.

Friendly and outgoing you will lead training courses of small groups of students. Instructing them on the key safety elements required for them to gain GWO accreditation.

Working with the course delivery teams in the USA and at our UK head office you will deliver training courses to the latest standards.

The following qualifications would be desirable

  • SPRAT or IRATA Level 2
  • OSHA 10 / OSHA 30
  • NFPA Fire Fighter Qual
  • Ergonomics/Material Handling Certified

As would previous teaching experience (military, safety training, climbing or mountaineering). Strong Verbal and written communication skills and proficiency with Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Outlook

It’s really important that you can travel as this role requires lots within the USA.

Please forward a full CV along with availability to interview/ start and salary expectations for immediate feedback and a confidential chat.