Key themes from Cleanpower 2024

Cleanpower 2024

A Convergence of Innovation and Sustainability in Minneapolis

The Cleanpower 2024 exhibition, held from May 13-16 at the Minneapolis Convention Center, was a remarkable convergence of industry leaders, innovators, policymakers, and sustainability enthusiasts. Organized by the American Clean Power Association, the event showcased the latest advancements in clean energy technology, providing a platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas. This year’s exhibition underscored the significant strides being made in the clean energy sector and highlighted the crucial role of renewable energy in combating climate change and promoting sustainable development. Wind tech training specialist STL USA were delighted to attend, meet up with old friends and make new ones along the way.

Venue and Organization

The Minneapolis Convention Center proved to be an ideal venue for Cleanpower 2024. Its spacious halls and state-of-the-art facilities accommodated over 10,000 attendees and 450 exhibitors from across the globe. The organizers managed the event with precision, ensuring smooth registration processes, clear signage, and a well-coordinated schedule of presentations, workshops, and networking sessions. The layout of the exhibition hall facilitated easy navigation, allowing participants to engage with exhibitors and attend sessions without feeling overwhelmed.

Keynote Sessions and Panels

The keynote sessions set the tone for the exhibition, featuring influential speakers who provided insights into the current state and future prospects of the clean energy industry. Notable among the keynote speakers was Gina McCarthy, the former White House National Climate Advisor, who delivered an inspiring address on the urgent need for policy frameworks that support renewable energy adoption. Her speech emphasized the importance of collaboration between government and private sectors to achieve climate goals.

Another highlight was the panel discussion on “The Future of Renewable Energy,” which brought together industry giants like Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, and NextEra Energy. The panelists discussed the latest technological innovations, challenges in the supply chain, and the role of policy in accelerating renewable energy deployment. The discussion provided valuable perspectives on how the industry can navigate the complexities of transitioning to a sustainable energy future.

Exhibition Highlights

The exhibition floor was a hive of activity, with companies showcasing a diverse array of products and solutions. Wind, solar, and energy storage technologies dominated the displays, reflecting the broad spectrum of advancements within the sector. Vestas and GE Renewable Energy unveiled their latest wind turbine models, which promise increased efficiency and reduced costs. These innovations are set to play a critical role in expanding the adoption of wind energy globally.

Solar technology also made significant waves at the exhibition. SunPower and First Solar showcased their high-efficiency photovoltaic panels designed for both residential and commercial applications. These panels incorporate cutting-edge materials and designs to maximize energy capture and durability, highlighting the ongoing evolution of solar technology.

Energy storage, a pivotal component of the renewable energy puzzle, was another major focus. Tesla and Fluence presented their latest battery storage solutions, emphasizing scalability and efficiency. The ability to store and manage energy effectively is crucial for addressing the intermittency of renewable sources, and these advancements are crucial for the broader adoption of clean energy.

Workforce Growth

Cleanpower 2024 also served to highlight one of the biggest challenges faced in wind and the wider renewable sector. We all know the wind energy sector is rapidly growing, driven by increasing demand for renewable energy and supportive government policies. This expansion requires a corresponding growth in the workforce to design, build, operate, and maintain new wind farms. Without a robust influx of new workers, the industry may struggle to keep up with its growth trajectory, potentially hindering the progress toward renewable energy goals. This should be an industry wide initiative but to date it seems limited traction has been achieved. STL USA is playing it’s own part in delivering on these growth ambitions, WindStart is a program designed specifically for those wanting to get into wind. are STL USA’s recruitment partner in this venture helping those who graduate move straight into employment.

Policy and Financing

The intersection of policy and finance was another critical theme at the exhibition. Workshops and sessions dedicated to these topics attracted substantial interest, reflecting the understanding that financial and regulatory frameworks are essential for the growth of renewable energy. The session on “Financing the Energy Transition” featured representatives from leading financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and BlackRock. They discussed innovative financing models and investment strategies that can support large-scale renewable energy projects.

On the policy front, discussions emphasized the need for stable and supportive regulatory environments. Representatives from various governmental agencies and advocacy groups highlighted successful policies from around the world and discussed how these could be adapted and implemented more broadly. The consensus was clear: supportive policies and incentives are indispensable for accelerating the transition to clean energy.

Networking and Collaboration

Cleanpower 2024 provided ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. The event’s structure included numerous networking breaks, social events, and an exhibition floor designed to facilitate connections. One of the standout features was the matchmaking service, which helped attendees schedule meetings with potential partners, clients, and investors. This service was particularly beneficial for startups and smaller companies looking to establish connections in the industry.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Sustainability was not just a theme but a practice at Cleanpower 2024. The organizers made concerted efforts to minimize the environmental impact of the event. Measures included using recyclable materials for badges and promotional items, implementing a comprehensive recycling program, and encouraging the use of public transportation. Additionally, the convention center itself adheres to green building standards, further aligning the event with its sustainability goals.


Cleanpower 2024 was more than just an exhibition; it was a powerful statement about the direction and potential of the renewable energy industry. The event highlighted significant technological advancements, fostered critical discussions on policy and finance, and provided a platform for innovation and collaboration. It reinforced the notion that the clean energy transition is not only possible but already underway, driven by the combined efforts of industry leaders, innovators, policymakers, and advocates.

The enthusiasm and optimism that permeated the exhibition were palpable, reflecting a collective commitment to a sustainable future. Cleanpower 2024 in Minneapolis not only showcased the current state of the clean energy industry but also set the stage for future advancements and collaborations that will shape the energy landscape for years to come.Work

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Introducing Instructor of the Year nominee Marshall Miller

Instructor of the year nominee Marshall Miller


Meet STL USA’s Marshall Miller – nominated for GWO Instructor of the Year 2024

The GWO Safety & Training Awards are returning for a 3rd edition. The awards are the world’s first programme of its kind recognising the skills and impact of training providers and instructors keeping the wind workforce safe.

This year, GWO will be introducing a new category: “Instructor of the Year”. The instructor of the year award will shine a light on the excellent instructors delivering GWO training each and every day. The award will highlight the vital role GWO instructors play in ensuring a safe future for the wind workforce.

STL USA is immensely proud to announce that our very own Marshall Miller has been nominated for GWO Instructor of the Year, thanks to so many of the technicians he’s trained over the past few months clamouring to sing his praises on the entry form.

Marshall was born and raised in Idalou, Texas. Having worked as a Nursing Assistant and EMT for 7 years, Marshall joined the United States Army in 2007 as an Apache Helicopter Mechanic and served his country for 6 years, including multplie tours in Afghanistan, earning him numourous commendations, awards and medals.

Upon leaving the Army, Marshall trained as a wind turbine technician and was recruited by Upwind Solutions. He then went on to develop his career working at numourous wind farm before undertaking STL USA’s Train the Trainer program as well as multiple safety and rescue training programs, before joining the STL USA team in early 2022.

“I love teaching wind techs because it’s where I come from. There is nothing better than getting techs in my classes and watching them leave thinking differently about the risks and hazards in their real world workplaces. Many techs get complacent regarding their safety and that of those working alongside them. I love to shake up their thinking, risks and hazards are around every corner and you cannot overtrain when it comes to one of the most hazardous workplaces in the world.

I love teaching for STL USA as they share the same passion and vision I do in the importance of quality training for wind techs. We are different to the average training provider. We provide exceptional levels of training, going above and beyond the standard requirements, because we know it’s about more than just getting certified. It’s about protecting people’s lives.”  – Marshall Miller Lead Instructor, STL USA.

Here’s what some of the technicians that Marshall has trained have to say about him:

“I’ve been through all types of training and Marshall is the best trainer I’ve ever seen. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I give him 10!”

“Marshall and the team were very professional, everything was 100%, you could tell how much effort the instructors put in and Marshall is a hell of an ambassador”

“Marshall is the best instructor I’ve had in 5 years, I learned so much more than other training programs I’ve attended”

Marshall lives in Abilene, TX with his wife and 4 children. He also serves as a Volunteer Fire Fighter in his local community.

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Onsite wind tech training – Spring Summer locations

onsite wind tech training

Train onsite with STL USA

Onsite wind tech training 2024 

Having already conducted over 10 onsite GWO training courses this year it feels kind of weird discussing the summer program. But, the summer months are when STL USA traditionally tours the USA visiting wind farms to deliver GWO and QEW training for our customers.

This year we will be touring the northern Mid-West, North Eastern States, California, Oregon, and Washington state as well as delivering courses closer to home in Texas and the surrounding states.

Save money training onsite

Training onsite is a perfect way to reduce the costs associated with training. Cut down on hotel and travel costs by having your technicians train at their usual workplace.

Technicians like onsite

Training onsite means your crews don’t have to be away from home for extended periods. Once training is finished they can pack up and head home as usual. Training onsite also means your people are onsite if and or when they may be required to jump into something. They can’t do this if they’re halfway across the country.

Practice on the turbine

STL USA takes a custom training trailer for onsite course delivery but this doesn’t mean the turbine is off-limits. In fact STL USA instructors favor an approach whereby rescues are taught using the trailer and practiced in the turbine to ensure the technicians are totally familiar with their working environment and how to implement a rescue on the equipment they use.

Rescue plans

As an extension of turbine practice, the STL USA team can also work closely with the technicians to create a detailed rescue plan, using the skills they’ve learned in the environment they work in. This value added on top of the GWO rescue training ensures an extra layer of safety for those technicians taking part.

Flexibility built-in

We know things happen, and that’s why STL USA builds flexibility for onsite training to ensure attendees complete their course and get their certs. Our onsite GWO training courses, and delivered by highly experienced instructors with years of field experience, they are more than happy to adapt to every situation whether that be the weather, an issue onsite or anything else! 

Onsite States Served

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WindStart Graduates – Izac’s story

windstart graduate

WindStart graduates

Izac’s story 

Izac is one of the first students to graduate through the get into wind STL USA WindStart program.

Like many people Izac’s story is something we hear regularly, a young keen individual looking to break into the wind industry but struggling to find his first break. After applying for positions directly and not making any progress Izac was introduced to us by another technician.

Izac began his WindStart journey in March completing his GWO certs (BST, BTT, ART), Confined Space Awareness and finally Qualified Electrical Worker and his technical introduction.

STL USA via our recruitment partner WindTech.Careers have passed his resume to over 100 employers in wind and Izac is now well on way to gaining his first position in the industry.

The goal of WindStart is to help people exactly like Izac, with no experience, get into the wind sector. Izac now has a full list of industry certifications, something that makes him an extremely attractive new hire for any organisation. 

Why? There are a number of reasons why WindStart graduates are perfect new hires:

  • They come with over $10,000 worth of certs employers would otherwise have to pay an external provider for
  • They come with a basic technical grounding in wind
  • They’re keen, WindStart is a big commitment
WindStart certification

WindStart courses include:

  • GWO Basic Safety Training
  • GWO Basic Technical Training
  • GWO Advanced Rescue Training
  • Qualified Electrical worker to NFPA 70E Low & High Voltage
  • GWO Control of Hazardous Energies
  • Confined Space Awareness
  • Technical introduction to wind

Working alongside 100+ customers in wind gives STL USA unrivalled access to employers across the country. Coupled to the massive demand for new hires in the wind sector, WindStart graduates find themselves in high demand the minute they finish their course.

A key aspect of the WindStart program is helping the students to complete a resume, adding this to our partner company WindTech.Careers database and helping to apply for jobs.


Funding options are available from a range of areas to support students with course fees. From State level WIOA funding, Sallie Mae loans, Federal funding and more. Talk to us about your situation and we will support you with the most applicable funding solution.

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WindStart Program Lead – Introducing Jeremy McKelvain

windstart program lead jeremy mckelvain

WindStart news

The WindStart program is gathering pace

WindStart has been designed to help people get into wind. As the program grows and develops we wanted to take an opportunity to introduce the driving force behind WindStart, Jeremy McKelvain. Jeremy has been working tirelessly to secure funding, getting on the road to meet the next generation of potential wind technicians and building out the program. 

WindStart is all about delivering on the industry needs, but more accurately, ambitions for growth over the coming years. To get to where we all want to be, we need to grow the workforce and that’s something STL USA is well positioned to do through our training, access to funding for ‘new to the sector’ people and our links to employers across the industry.

It may seem like a big ambition but STL USA is all about solutions. We’ve been to way too many conferences where, time and again, key players talk to us about the challenges they are facing in recruitment. STL USA as a team relish the opportunity to play a key role in providing a solution to this and Jeremy is the man tasked with making that happen!

With this in mind, we thought it was a great opportunity to shine a light on what makes Jeremy tick. So we’ve asked him a few questions to give you some insight into his background and his thoughts on WindStart.

Tell us about your background?

“I retired as a Master Sergeant after 20 years of service in the US Air Force, where I gained extensive experience in technical and leadership roles. Post-military, I was drawn to the renewable energy sector due to its growth potential and the opportunity to apply my skills in a meaningful way. With WindStart, I’ve been focusing on technical training and certification for new wind technicians.”

You served for several years; what attracted you to the wind industry?

“What attracted me to the wind industry was the dynamic nature of the work and the opportunity to continue serving in a capacity that benefits society. The industry’s focus on sustainability and innovation aligns well with my personal values and my professional skills in managing complex technical operations and training programs.”

You get to meet lots of people keen on wind; what do you enjoy most?

“I most enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping to shape the careers of aspiring wind technicians. It’s rewarding to see new technicians grow and succeed. The enthusiasm and commitment they bring are inspiring, and it reminds me of the camaraderie and dedication I valued in the Air Force.”

Any career fairs coming up where people can meet you?

“Yes, WindStart will be participating in several career fairs across the nation in the coming months. These events are great opportunities for those interested in entering the wind industry to learn more about our training programs and career opportunities.”

What do you see as the future of WindStart?

“The future of WindStart is incredibly promising. As the wind sector continues to expand, the demand for skilled technicians will only grow. We aim to be at the forefront of training excellence, helping to meet the industry’s needs with well-prepared, certified technicians. I believe WindStart will play a crucial role in supporting the renewable energy goals of the nation through quality education and training.”

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WindStart – Recruiting the next generation of wind techs

WindStart news

Career Fair Riviera, Texas update

Working at the early college job and career fair for STL USA’s WindStart program in Riviera, Texas, alongside Ventos Power Plus was an exhilarating experience. As representatives of a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering talent in renewable energy, our booth stood out among the 30 others, drawing the attention of around 300 eager early college candidates.

Our role at the fair was multifaceted. We were not only ambassadors of the WindStart Get into Wind program but also advocates for the renewable energy industry as a whole. Engaging with prospective candidates, we showcased the myriad opportunities available in the field. Through interactive demonstrations and informative presentations, we aimed to ignite passion for a future career as a wind turbine technician. As candidates explored our booth, we shared insights into the dynamic world of wind energy, highlighting its crucial role technicians play in the industry. 

Our next Texas fair is in Amarillo, details below, come and say hi!!

WindStart certification

WindStart courses include:

  • GWO Basic Safety Training
  • GWO Basic Technical Training
  • GWO Advanced Rescue Training
  • Qualified ELectrical worker to NFPA 70E Low & High Voltage
  • GWO Control of Hazardous Energies
  • Confined Space Awareness

Working alongside 100+ customers in wind gives STL USA unrivalled access to employers across the country. Coupled to the massive demand for new hires in the wind sector, WindStart graduates find themselves in high demand the minute they finish their course.

A key aspect of the WindStart program is helping the students to complete a resume, adding this to our partner company WindTech.Careers database and helping to apply for jobs.


Funding options are available from a range of areas to support students with course fees. From State level WIOA funding, Sally Mae loans, Federal funding and more. Talk to us about your situation and we will support you with the most applicable funding solution.

Latest Job Fair

Recruiting the next generation of wind techs

Join us in Amarillo and learn more about how STL USA can fast track your entry to the wind industry.

Where: Amarillo Civic Center,401 S Buchanan St, Amarillo, TX 79101

When: Tuesday, April 9th, 2024. 10am-2pm

We hope to see you there!

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Electrical Safety – NFPA 70E for Wind Techs

NFPA 70E for wind techs

NFPA 70E for wind techs

NFPA 70E for wind techs is becoming a must have. Many OEM now require this from their contractors and owner operators are increasingly adopting NFPA 70E courses as part of their training programs.

With this in mind here’s a quick overview of the course STL USA offers. 

Low and High Voltage Electrical Safety Training

The combined Low & High Voltage Electrical safety course to standard NFPA 70E from STL USA is a two-day face-to-face training course suitable for wind technicians across the spectrum. Specifically designed to equip wind technicians with electrical safety knowledge, best work practices in electrical safety, and how to apply them in real-world situations.

Course modules

The combined low and high-voltage course takes place over two training days.

Low Voltage

This course provides a thorough knowledge of the recommended safe behaviors for those who work around electrical hazards. Attendees gain an understanding of the latest guidelines and regulations from NFPA 70E and OSHA. Electrical workers and safety professionals learn key practical information: best work practices in electrical safety and how to apply them in real-world situations.

High Voltage

The second half of this course addresses the potential electrical hazards and safety practices specific to industrial high-voltage systems. Working on or around these types of systems requires additional knowledge and training on the relevant hazards and safety measures. Attendees in this class focus on the safety procedures, line tools, and mobile equipment considerations related to qualified high-voltage tasks. As part of the course, students work in small groups to apply what they have learned to preparing and presenting a pre-work briefing of a practical situation.

References: OSHA Regulations (as applicable), Current NFPA 70E Standard


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STL USA News March 2024 – OMS follow-up, Boroscope training, and more

STL USA news March 2024

STL USA News March 2024

Lots to report on over the last month or so. STL USA attended the ACP OMS show in San Diego, the finishing touches are being put together on a new Boroscope course in partnership with Evident Scientific (Olympus Scientific Solutions), we’re in full swing with Full Service Training for Wind and we are looking at the changing OEM training requirements for 2024. 

OMS 2024, San Diego

STL USA attended the ACP OMS show in San Diego this year. We are regulars of the event and it’s a date the whole team looks forward to. This year was a little bit special as we were presenting our new business proposition that ties together industry certification, skills and competency training, and our WindStart program for new industry recruits.

Part of our long-term strategy to provide solutions to the growth challenges the wind sector faces in the USA, the full-service model provides a full suite of training solutions, hiring solutions, and access to funding. Why? because we know that the growth we anticipate can only be achieved through high levels of competency and programs that bring new, keen people into the great sector we work in. 

Read more about Full Service training for wind here

Boroscope training courses

Over the last few months, STL USA has been working closely with our good friends at Evident Scientific to launch a market-leading Boroscope training course. 

As many of you know this is a vital piece of equipment used to assess key turbine components. Launching soon the course is aimed at anyone who is required to use a Boroscope as part of their day-to-day. Conducted using the gearbox set-up at STL USA’s North 1st facility the training will be a unique combination of Evident’s equipment and STL USA’s hands-on teaching.

*A waiting list already exists for this course, demand has been exceptionally high. Reach out to the STL USA team to find out more.*

Contact the team for more information, here.

Changing landscape of OEM certificate requirements

2024 has brought in several requirement changes for sub-contractors in the wind space. Much of this is being driven by the adoption of GWO standards across the industry and requirements for Electrical Safety Training to NFPA 70E.

As a key training partner for major OEMs, including GE and SGRE STL has all the certified courses on offer that you would require to meet their needs. 

These courses can be delivered from a training center or onsite depending on your requirements.

Get in touch here for more information

2024 what’s coming up

The whole team at STL USA is super excited to see what the year brings. New training solutions, programs to encourage people into the industry, and hiring services for our large pool of partners! 

One thing that will remain constant at STL USa is our commitment to safety, quality, great facilities, and a great team.

PS, we forgot to mention Captain Safety made an appreance in San Diego, here he is with Tom Cruise!

Captain Safety

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Full service training for wind: Launching at O&M 2024

O&M 2024 STL USA

O&M 2024

This year O&M 2024 sees the launch of STL USA’s integrated training and hiring solution, Full Service Training for WInd.

Combining the great training and reputation built by STL USA and the demands of the industry over the next 5-10 years.

Full-service training for Wind is a workforce solution that provides solutions for the biggest problems facing our sector in the coming years. Namely, our ability to hire, train and develop our technician workforce.

Industry certification

STL USA has a full suite of industry certification training, including GWO and Qualified Electrical Worker training to NFPA 70E (2024). These courses form the backbone of a technician’s training program. GWO certs are the default requirement for virtually every field-based worker in wind. Increasingly Qualified Electrical workers are also becoming a must-have cert in the technician’s locker. STL USA runs weekly courses across the full range of industry certifications with a significant capacity to train large numbers of technicians as required.

Popular courses include; GWO Basic Safety Training, GWO Basic Technical Training, and GWO Advanced Rescue Training as well as a host of other GWO courses and Qualified Electrical Worker courses.

View the range of GWO Courses.

Skills and competency

The demand for new hires into wind is increasing exponentially. With this comes the added pressure employers face to turn those new hires into wind technicians. STL USA’s skills and competency training is designed specifically to build and enhance a technicians technical and practical knowledge. 

Courses come in two styles, the Basic Intro packages are of-the-shelf courses that group common modules together for an easy plugin solution. Bespoke wind and foundational skills allow an employer to build out a training program that meets their exact needs by selecting from over 30 training modules to build out their program.

Learn more about Wind Technician Technical Training

WindStart funded training and hiring

The WindStart program is a funded training program designed to bring new people into wind and offer employers and easy route to hiring qualified technicians. The program accesses State and National level funding to keep course fees super low for students and provides employers a funnel of certified techs that would otherwise cost tens of thousands to train.

WindStart completes STL USA’s Full Service Training for Wind solution, aiming to solve probably the biggest challenge faced by the sector in the next 10 years.

WindStart programs run for 3 or 4 weeks, include all the must-have GWO certs, Electrical safety and, in the 4 week program, a week of technical introduction to wind energy.

Learn more about WindStart


Learn more, come speak with us at O&M 2024

At O&M 2024 we will be discussing Full Service Training for Wind and how each component of our offer can support your business in this period of growth.

You can find us at Booth 406, February 21-23, 2024 | Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

O&M 2024


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Become a wind technician with WindStart

Become a wind technician

Start your wind technician career.

In our latest blog, we focus on how to become a wind technician with STL USA’s WindStart program. 

The WindStart program has been specifically designed to support people looking to get into the wind industry and the increasing demands of employers for new hires. The program includes a number of funding solutions that ensure the training course is low to no cost for many applicants. Employers join the program as hiring partners gaining access to a fully certified pool of new hires.

What is a Wind Technician?

Wind technicians install, inspect, maintain, operate, and repair wind turbines. Although technicians work across the full spectrum from installation to demolition and re-power the vast majority are involved in maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing turbines. Read more about the role on The Department Of Energy website,. here

What draws people to wind is the opportunity, salaries are high, and it truly is a career that can take you places. 

What is WindStart?

WindStart is a 3 or 4-week program designed to equip people new to wind with the industry certifications and basic knowledge to join new hire programs in wind. WindStart supercharges employability providing the candidate with key certification, including GWO and Electrical safety, plus a good basic grounding in skills and competency. This instantly places WindStart graduates at the top of the pile for hiring managers.

Am I guaranteed a job?

STL USA have a very large base of employers that are signed onto the program, many of these already use STL USA’s training services for their in house people and they are hiring large numbers of new people each year. On top of that the sector in the USA is growing fast, that’s not slowing down in the next 5-10 years. In fact hiring is probably one of the biggest challenges employers face, WindStart graduates are the most employable new hires in the country.

WindStart for employers

WindStart isn’t just about students. Becoming a wind technician is kind of difficult without employers to make it happen. The WindStart panel of employers have the pick of new hires that have passed through the program, come with GWO and Electrical safety qualifications and are commited to a career in wind energy. Employers have a bunch of options to make the program work for their new hire and training goals. They can simply pick up graduates as they come out of the program, they can shunt new hires they have sourced through the program or they can sponsor places in the program. The final option means STL USA will manage all the training and hiring needs for the employer.

Why is WindStart a better option for employers?

We all know how hard hiring is in wind energy at the moment, STL USA take care of this, train the candidate and hand them over to the employer ready to go saving significant amounts of time and money. Without WindStart employers have to go through the full hiring process, pay to get the person certified and take a big chance on whether that person will even work out.

How do i find out more?

Simply click the link below and regsiter your interest in the WindStart program, a member of the team will reach out to you and talk you through how WindStart can benefit you.


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