Is wind energy a good career choice?

10 reasons why wind energy is a sound career choice

As the world continues to grapple with the growing climate crisis and the urgent need to transition to renewable sources of energy, the wind energy sector has emerged as a beacon of hope. A career in wind energy is not just a job; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. The question that often arises is, “Is wind energy a good career choice, and how do I get into wind?” The resounding answer to this question is a definitive yes, and in this article, we’ll explore why.


Job Growth and Stability:

The wind energy sector has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, with no signs of slowing down. As governments and businesses worldwide commit to renewable energy targets, the demand for wind energy professionals continues to rise. This industry offers job stability and promising career prospects, making it a sound choice for those seeking long-term employment.

Technological Advancements:

Wind energy is not static; it’s a field of constant innovation and technological advancements. This means there are ample opportunities for professionals to learn and grow within the industry. Whether you’re interested in turbine design, maintenance, or grid integration, you’ll find a dynamic and evolving landscape in wind energy.

Global Opportunities:

Wind energy is a global industry, and professionals in this field often have the chance to work on international projects. This provides a unique opportunity to gain experience in diverse settings and cultures while contributing to a worldwide effort to transition to clean energy.

Competitive Salaries:

Wind energy careers offer competitive salaries that are often on par with or even surpassing those in traditional energy sectors. With the increasing demand for skilled professionals, companies are willing to invest in attracting and retaining top talent.

Job Satisfaction:

Many people find great satisfaction in working in an industry that aligns with their values. Knowing that your daily work directly contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change can be deeply rewarding.

Diverse Career Pathways:

Wind energy is a multifaceted field with diverse career pathways. Whether you’re interested in engineering, project management, research and development, or policy advocacy, there’s a role for you in the wind energy sector.

Resilience to Economic Downturns:

Wind energy has shown resilience to economic downturns and market fluctuations. This is due, in part, to its long-term contracts and the essential nature of energy production. As such, careers in wind energy are often insulated from some of the economic uncertainties that affect other industries.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact:

One of the most compelling reasons to consider a career in wind energy is the profound environmental impact it offers. Wind energy is clean and green, producing zero emissions and significantly reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. By working in this industry, you become part of the solution to combat climate change, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Positive Work Environment:

The wind energy sector is known for its collaborative and positive work environment. Teams often share a strong sense of purpose and camaraderie, making it an enjoyable place to work.

Personal Fulfillment:

Finally, a career in wind energy allows you to make a meaningful contribution to society. You’re not just working for a paycheck; you’re helping to create a sustainable and greener future for all.

In conclusion, choosing a career in wind energy is not just a smart decision; it’s a choice that aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and secure a sustainable future. The answer to the question “Is wind energy a good career choice?” is a resounding “yes.” It offers job stability, competitive salaries, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment. So, if you’re passionate about renewable energy and want a career that matters, consider joining the wind energy sector—it’s a path towards a brighter and cleaner future.


How can STL USA help?

STL USA has created a program called WindStart, specifically designed to help people transition into the wind industry. WindStart includes a range of vital industry qualifications and a great technical grounding. WindStart has been designed to bridge the gap between other industries and wind energy. Click the link below to find out more.

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STL USA partnering with colleges

STL USA partnering with colleges

STL USA partnering with colleges to implement GWO training

Watch our latest video explaining how we can help colleges implement GWO and why it’s important.


STL USA partnering with colleges has been a constant theme over the last 10 years of operations in the USA. On the back of this STL USA’s parent company has over 20 years of experience working with education providers, military leavers organizations, and other workforce organizations alongside commercial wind technician training. To partner with STL USA could not be more simple.

STL USA has made it a key part of its mission to play a central role in the workforce expansion required to meet the demands of the fast-growing renewable energy sector and working with education is central to this long-term strategy.

What is GWO?

The Global Wind Organization (GWO) was created to implement a set of standards across the industry, initially to improve safety and later to provide a framework for required skills. The GWO was created by its members who include GE, Vestas, Siemens, and a host of large national and multinational businesses. Suffice it to say it’s formed of a who’s who in the wind.

The standards created by GWO are then adapted into training courses which are the default for the wind industry. It’s not an exageration to say it’s very hard to even set foot on a wind farm with GWO certificates.

Why is it important for students?

There are two reasons, employability and salaries. Having GWO makes a prospective employee more attractive to employers and also translates to higher salaries. Put simply it gives new employees a clear advantage.

Other advantages

Once a facility is audited and approved anyone can train there. This opens up commercial opportunities for colleges to train local business customers.


 Programs with education follow a simple 4-step process that allows for a fast, low-cost roll-out.. These stages include:


  • QMS set up for partner site
  • Compliance requirements


  • Audit existing facilities for GWO compliance
  • Gap analysis
  • Roadmap to Compliance
  • WEEK 1-2 Course attendance and observation
  • WEEK 3 Supported delivery
  • WEEK 4 Observed course delivery
  • Pre-Audit run through
  • Independent GWO audit

STL USA has refined this process to ensure a fast, low-cost delivery that results in GWO accreditation within 6-8 weeks. Additionally, once audited the college can then take advantage of commercial training opportunities with local businesses.

Working with TSTC

The Texas State Technical College (TSTC) wind program is rightly considered one of the premier courses in the USA. The partnership between STL USA and TSTC dates back over 6 years. Initially developed to service local wind technicians, the program was then extended to students. Incorporating GWO into student studies ensures that graduates are in the best possible position to enter the job market. 

“Working with STL USA has allowed us to quickly integrate industry requirements into our undergraduate programs. Simply put this makes our graduates more employable. STL USA takes care of everything ensuring our faculty can get on with teaching. It’s been a pleasure working together.”

TSTC Wind program lead

As we move forward with renewables across the USA new legislation will fuel the sector’s growth. It’s anticipated that the clean energy sector will double in the next 10 years requiring an additional 250,000 people to fill roles. With this in mind, it’s essential that the commercial and education sectors come together to ensure the next generation of wind professionals are able to meet the demands of this fast-moving industry.

If you lead a wind program talk to us now about how STL USA can support the role out of a GWO program for your college.


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GWO Training in Abilene

GWO Training in Abilene

GWO Training in Abilene from STL USA

GWO Training in Abilene includes a complete range of courses delivered by highly experienced trainers

GWO Training in Abilene has been delivered by STL USA for a number of years. The STL USA headquarters includes both indoor and outdoor training facilities designed to simulate a turbine environment where appropriate.

But that’s probably only half the story, STL USA has been delivering GWO training in Texas from multiple locations and has been instrumental in helping develop sites for customers over the years.

In recent years, the global shift towards renewable energy sources has led to a rapid expansion of the wind energy sector. As wind farms continue to dot the landscapes, ensuring the safety of the workforce that maintains and operates these structures becomes paramount. One crucial aspect of this effort is the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing safety and skills within the wind energy industry. Abilene, Texas, emerges as a significant hub for GWO training, offering specialized programs that equip workers with the expertise to tackle the unique challenges posed by wind energy installations.

GWO training programs are designed to address the specific needs of the wind energy sector. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including working at heights, manual handling, fire awareness, first aid, and more. As wind turbines continue to grow taller and more complex, the risks associated with maintaining and servicing them also increase. GWO training ensures that workers are well-versed in the latest safety protocols, operational techniques, and emergency procedures. This training not only safeguards the workforce but also contributes to the efficiency and reliability of wind energy operations.

Abilene, Texas, with its strategic location and strong commitment to renewable energy, has emerged as a prominent center for GWO training. The city’s wind energy landscape, characterized by expansive wind farms, makes it an ideal location for practical training scenarios. The local training centers in Abilene provide state-of-the-art facilities that simulate real-life conditions, enabling trainees to develop hands-on skills in a controlled environment. This practical approach to training instills confidence in workers, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle the challenges posed by their jobs.

Moreover, GWO training in Abilene goes beyond technical skills. It emphasizes the importance of teamwork, communication, and leadership within the wind energy sector. Workers are trained to collaborate effectively, which is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of wind farms. This holistic approach to training not only improves the safety record but also contributes to a positive work culture within the industry.

As the wind energy sector continues to grow, the demand for skilled and certified workers also increases. GWO training in Abilene opens up opportunities for individuals seeking a career in the renewable energy industry. The training programs are designed to cater to both newcomers and experienced professionals, ensuring that everyone receives the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their roles. This not only supports workforce development but also contributes to the economic growth of the region.

GWO training in Abilene, Texas, stands as a testament to the wind energy industry’s commitment to safety, innovation, and sustainability. As the world moves towards a greener future, the role of wind energy becomes more significant, and so does the need for a skilled workforce that can operate and maintain wind turbines safely and effectively. Abilene’s focus on GWO training aligns perfectly with these goals, providing a platform for individuals to acquire the expertise needed to thrive in the dynamic and vital field of wind energy. Through comprehensive training programs, practical experience, and a dedication to excellence, STL USA’s Abilene GWO training center contributes to a safer, more efficient, and more promising renewable energy landscape.



GWO Training center Abilene, Texas

One of the highest towers in use in the USA for GWO training.


Comprehensive training all in one place

The set-up of STL USA’s GWO training in Abilene is designed so that wind techs can train everything under one roof. This helps reduce customer overheads for training and cuts down on the time required to get technicians the certs they need.

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GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation

GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation

New GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation courses from STL USA

As many of you will be aware there has been quite a major change to the GWO Basic Technical Training in the v8 release this May. This has seen the addition of the GWO BTT Bolt Tightening module which sits alongside the core modules of Electrical, Hydraulic, and Mechanical forming a 4 module standard BTT course.

STL USA has added GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation to our course portfolio enabling us to offer a combination of BTT modules dependent on customer needs.

To date, STL USA is still the only US-based training provider to offer GWO BTT Bolt Tightening

GWO Entry-level framework shakes things up

Take up of the GWO Entry-Level Framework continues at pace with many of STL USA’s customers adopting the guidelines for training requirements for new and existing technicians.

 Alongside ACP’s micro-credentials these frameworks represent a further standardisation of skills across the industry which brings clarity and improves performance levels. STL USA is a big supporter of these initiatives as they will be vital to ensure that the fast-growing workforce has the skills required to keep the entire wind industry moving in the right direction.

Get ahead of the game with STL USA

Many of the leading OEMs and site owners are pushing hard for GWO adoption across their supply chains with tight deadlines to ensure technicians have all the required certificates. STL USA is well placed to train across the entire range of courses from our world-leading training center in Abilene, Texas, and at client locations across the country.



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Digital wind training coming soon

Digital wind training coming soon

Digital wind training coming soon from STL USA

The whole team at STL USA is getting excited for the launch of STL USA Digital, a comprehensive digital learning and management platform exclusively for the wind industry.

STL USA Digital has been designed to offer practical benefits to both wind techs and companies who require training and learning solutions. 

Avoiding digital for digital’s sake

Led by our VP Ben Dickens the digital project has been focussed on 3 key user and customer benefits.

  • Ease of use/improves efficiency
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Improvement in training and learning quality

This user focussed approach ensures that STL USA continues to offer best in class solutions, focussed on the needs of customers.

We strongly believe that STL USA Digital will make the overall experience of wind tech education better, enabling more learning opportunities on a more regular basis. This ties into STL USA’s long term vision which is to help build a future proof workforce for wind.

As we grow and develop STL USA Digital we anticipate it becoming the go to resource for this fast moving industry.


STL USA is well-placed to lead in digital

If you had a penny for every time someone wanted to build an app!

Sadly, and particularly within b2b industries, diving into digital transformation without a clear idea of what needs to be achieved is all to common. It was something that has preyed on our minds throughout the project. Focussing on the customer has helped us keep on track for a solution that works and more importantly delivers value.

However, we have had a bit of head start. STL USA Digital has been steered by North American VP Ben Dickens who brings over 20 years experience in building digital and integrated solutions. Ben’s background in marketing and tech has been invaluable and can certainly be said to be unique amongst USA wind training providers. Previous projects Ben has led include AI learning solutions, LMS solutions, travel apps, digital finance and banking, it’s a big list. It’s also vitally important as this experience feeds directly into the digital solution and m makes sure it does what it says on the tin.


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GWO Training center Abilene, Texas

GWO Training center Abilene, Texas

GWO training center Abilene, leading wind tech education

The STL USA -GWO Training center Abilene is one of the premier training sites in the USA

Creating a world class GWO Training center in Abilene was a key goal for STL USA to compliment the existing GWO training center Texas, based in Sweetwater at the Texas State Technical College. The site includes over 10,000 Sq Ft of indoor training space, an outdoor tower and Advanced Rescue Training set-up. Openend in 2021 the site delivers a comprehensive program of GWO training courses, including the Basic Safety Training, Basic Technical Training, Advanced Rescue Training, Lift User and Control of Hazardous Energies courses.

More than that however a number of additional technical and electrical safety courses are covered to provide a comprehensive training resource for customers in Texas and beyond.


Indoor and Outdoor


GWO Lift Training

GWO Lift training using our 3s lift set-up.



GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation

State of the art equipment for BTT Mechanical and Bolt Tightening



GWO Training center Abilene, Texas

One of the highest towers in use in the USA for GWO training.


Comprehensive training all in one place

The set-up of STL USA’s GWO training center Abilene is designed so that wind techs can train everything under one roof. This helps reduce customer overheads for training and cuts down on the time required to get technicians the certs they need.

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Press Release – A first for STL USA

GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation

First North American trainer to provide BTT Bolt Tightening

STL USA are delighted to announce we are the first North American GWO trainer to offer BTT Bolt Tightening

Announcing the launch of the NEW BTT Bolt Tightening course. The new course sits alongside the existing training modules offered as part of the Basic Technical Training – Electrical, Hydraulic, Installation, and Mechanical.

Working with GWO to launch the course

“The work conducted with STL USA, during the development of the new Bolt Tightening module, is an example of how GWO and training providers collaborate to develop training products that meet industry and market needs. The new Bolt Tightening module is a significant update from training previously offered in the BTT Mechanical and addresses the increasing complexity, safety, and quality demands of bolt tightening in the wind industry today. In addition to tensioning, torquing, and mechanical handling aids, the new module places emphasis on the planning, documentation, and reviewing of bolt-tightening tasks. This aligns the new Bolt Tightening module with the job performance requirements and prepares participants for further company-specific training.”

– Christopher Furlan, Training Project Manager

Key improvements to the BTT

“BTT Bolt has taken some of the bolting elements from the old BTT mechanical standard and supercharged them alongside some additional areas vital for technicians. It’s a great course and rounds out the BTT nicely”.

-Brandon McKelvain Training Manager


“Working closely with GWO in the development stages of the standard was great. It enabled us to develop a great course and provide GWO with practical feedback before launch.”
-Ben Dickens VP North America

Download the Press Release

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GWO BTT Bolt Tightening

GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation

1st US provider to launch new BTT Bolt Tightening

STL USA are delighted to announce we are the first North American GWO trainer to offer BTT Bolt Tightening

STL USA has recently been successfully audited to launch the new BTT Bolt Tightening course. This course will sit alongside the traditional BTT course electrical, hydraulic and mechanical to form a new 4-module BTT. Course attendees will also be able to take BTT Bolt alongside BTT Mechanical and Installation for those working in pre-assembly and installation roles. 

The whole team at STL USA is super proud of the work put in by our training staff to develop this course and expand our range of training across the whole of the entry-level framework. It’s now clearer than ever for companies in wind to understand the skills and training their people need which is a great move for the industry.

Working with GWO to launch the course

In the run up to the launch of the BTT Bolt standard STL USA we’re able to work closely with GWO Project Manager who was developing the standard. This was great for both entities as STL USA could provide practical feedback on the application of the standard in training and GWO was able to share the standard standards before launch. It really was a win-win.

Key areas of GWO Bolt Tightening

At course completion attendees will be able to act independently to safely plan, carry out and complete generic bolt torquing and tensioning tasks to
specification using energy-powered equipment. The module covers both how to tighten bolts safely and correctly, and how to plan, document, and review bolt-tightening tasks.

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Megger testing equipment

Megger testing

Better equipment, better training

STL USA are delighted to announce we will be carrying a range of Megger testing equipment for use in courses

STL USA has recently taken onboard a range of Megger testing equipment. STL USA is delighted to be able to incorporate this equipment into our training programmes including grounding and insulation testing. This will allow STL USA to cover of many of the requirements across the ACP micro-credentials alongside electrical modules within GWO Basic Technical Training, GWO Control of Hazardous Energies and more.

Megger are widely recognised as the market leader in this field.

Learn more about Megger here


“I’m delighted that Megger has provided us with a range of their equipment, it means our students get to train on the best.”

-Ben Dickens VP North America STL USA

“Megger believes supporting electrical training is crucial for the students and the electrical industry. We are proud to partner with quality training institutions such as STL USA”.

-Jeff Hyde, Regional Distribution Sales Manager


Electrical course, BTT Electrical, CoHE Electrical Safety, NFPA 70E

STL USA run a range of courses focussed on the electrical side of wind. The GWO BTT Electrical module, GWO CoHE Electrical Safety and Low and High voltage courses to standard NFPA 70E.

In addition we will be launching a range of online, micro courses to provide top-up education for technicians in the coming months.

Course programmes at STL USA are shifting focus, adopting a modular approach that allows STL SUA to build groups of courses together to meet both GWO and ACP recommendations. The most popular courses will always be available as open enrollment however should you need a more bespoke programme a member of the team can work closely with you to identify and define the training you need.

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New GWO courses for 2023

new gwo courses

All new GWO courses for 2023

New GWO courses aligned to the GWO entry level framework and ACP entry level training guide

We’re delighted to announce new GWO courses for 2023. But first a little background on their importance.

As many of you know GWO and ACP have been working hard in unison to launch guidance on training and skills expectations for new and existing wind technicians.  From GWO ‘s perspective, this comes in the form of the Entry Level Wind Technician Framework, for ACP it is the Entry Level Wind Technician training guidelines. Crucially the ACP guide includes many of the core GWO courses.

In both cases, the aim is to offer a simplified set of profiles and corresponding skills and accreditations that each should achieve. This gives employers a clear framework to follow with guidance that aims to ensure a comprehensive understanding of entry-level requirements for operations and maintenance wind technicians for onshore and offshore wind facilities.

More info here:



New BTT courses – BTT Bolt Tightening, BTT Installation

The May 2023 update to BTT included the addition of a new course, BTT Bolt TIghtening, which sits alongside the existing Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic courses as part of the core BTT training. In addition, STL USA has also added BTT Installation, which is taken with BTT Mechanical for those technicians that focus on pre-assembly and installation projects. Both courses form a core part of the entry-level frameworks for wind technicians and are available from mid-July.

New Control of Hazardous Energies (CoHE) courses

Hazardous energies pose a high risk of injury to all workers working within the wind industry. One of the reasons for this is that hazardous energies are found in various forms within the wind turbine environment and within the environment of a wind farm.

The CoHE course is a core component of the entry-level framework, formed of three modules covering basic safety, electrical safety, and pressure fluid safety. Available in mid-July.

New Lift courses

STL USA is delighted to be adding GWO lift training from our facility, using 3S lift equipment.

Training in accordance with this Lift Standard will enable participants to take responsibility to support and care for themselves and others while operating and working on a lift in the wind industry. This is vitally important as lifts become more and more commonplace in newer turbines. Available mid-July.


Improving standardization

It has been a clear goal of industry bodies to provide a level of standardization across the wind industry to ensure consistency across skills, accreditations, and competence. But above all, it gives employers certainty in the expectations for their staff. STL USA is a major supporter of this drive.

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